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When It Comes To Aging, Size Does Matter

As we all know that aging plays a major role in degrading our memory power and this is due to the enzymes that regulate the aging process. In the recent Nobel Prize given for contribution in Physiology and Medicine, three scientists were awarded for defining the role and function of enzyme in aging process.

In their research they outlined the fact that the chromosomes are protected from being destroyed. Chromosomes are the important molecules, resemble to thread, of DNA that contains the genes. These scientists turned that at the end of each chromosomes, there exists a telomere that decides the life of the cell.

If there is no telomere, the chromosomes will be damaged everytime they replicate & divide. After every replication of chromosomes without telomere, DNA will get shorter and shorter that leads to eroding of genetic material and damage of chromosomes. Therefore, telomere is important for our chromosomes that protect its end while replication and loss of precious genes.

Telomere is a combination of unique and repeated DNA sequences that is meant to function at the end of each chromosome. These telomeres are made of a enzyme called telomerase. Telomerase enzyme provides an extension to the telomere’s DNA that leads to more protected delicate DNA strand ends.

Though the scientists were aware of the existence of telomeres since the 1930s but it was recently that they understood the importance of their role in natural aging and disease process. The length of the telomere is predetermined genetically at birth. Therefore, there is no doubt that the fact that telomeres are the markers of stress and human aging was genuinely clear even before the role was completely understood. So, just chill down and relax to lengthen your telomere to enjoy your life. Afterall the size of the Chromosome matters and longer the Telomere better it is.

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