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Tips On How To Improve Working Memory In Adults & Child

Where had those keys gone again? And what’s the name of that one neighbour next door? These are the questions which denote that your working and visual memory is getting weak. But wait! There is good news. Now you can improve your working memory with some practical tips. Here are 12 best ways on how to improve working memory with the use of diet change, exercises, use of supplements, and lifestyle changes. So, let’s get started.

How To Improve Working Memory? Check These Tips

1. Stress Management

Pressure, Pressure, and Pressure! No matter, you are at your workplace or hectic family routine, you always have intense pressure to manage your work. This intense pressure can lead you to stress. In the first place, daily stress can weaken your concentration.

Also, feelings of anxiety, often accompanied by stress, can lead to memory loss. You can learn to manage stress, for example, with the help of breathing techniques or a yoga exercise. Meditation is an excellent tool to get a younger brain.

2. Exercise Regularly

We already know that exercise is good for our bodies. But did you know that a brisk walk also stimulates your memory and learning capacity? And that a child who regularly moves at a later age has less chance of becoming demented? Many neurologists strongly recommend exercising daily, as exercise is crucial for a healthy brain.

3. Quit Bad Habits

It sounds like an open door, but both tobacco and alcohol can lead to a higher risk of memory loss and the development of dementia. For example, smokers are more likely to experience age-related memory loss than non-smokers.

People who smoke more than two packs a day in middle age would have twice as much chance of developing dementia in old age than people who do not smoke. The same applies to drink alcohol. If you drink too much, you increase the risk of memory loss and dementia.

For example, alcoholics often experience problems with short-term memory. A more extreme case of the damage is that alcohol can cause Korsakov’s syndrome, which involves sudden and sometimes irreversible memory loss.

4. Follow Healthy Diet

It is often said that certain dietary supplements improve your memory. But anyone who eats healthily and has no deficits does not need to take extra pills or powders to improve memory. Although positive effects of omega-3 and other vitamins on the memory have been found, but those effects are often small. It is best to follow a Mediterranean diet. But what should it contain? Check our list of brain foods for memory enhancement.

5. Play Memory Games

The breakdown of brain cells starts after the age of twenty. This also changes the way you store new memories. To keep your memory fit, it is good to activate the brain sufficiently. Add a habit of playing brain games like puzzles and sudoku in your daily routine. These games active your working and visual memory.

6. Take Deep Breathings

Close your eyes, introduce yourself to your favourite place and breathe deeply and slowly at least 10 times. Every deep breath strengthens our ability to regulate emotion and reduces the cortisol response, as demonstrated by a study of pranayama deep breathing style from yoga. Decreased cortisol optimizes our intestinal function for digestion, mood and even memory.

Balanced stress preserves the right bacteria that we need to absorb all vitamins and minerals from our diets, such as vitamins A, D and E, as well as iron and zinc. All of which helps to boost our immune system and vitamin K, which is essential for bone health and blood clotting.

7. Drink Green Tea

Green tea is packed with antioxidants to reduce the risk of heart disease and mental fatigue. It contains L-theanine, an amino acid that increases the levels of serotonin, dopamine and GABA, which helps protect the brain and in our working memory.

8. Take Small Breaks

It is impossible to stay focused for 8 hours at a time. It is therefore very important to allow yourself a moment of relaxation during a busy working day. For some people, it helps if they are allowed to relax for a while. For other people, exercise or a social encounter is a good distraction.

If you know that your moment of relaxation is planned, you will be less likely to ‘cheat’ in the time that you actually have to concentrate.

9. Read Books

The more you read, the more you learn, and the more you actively put your brain to work. You train your brain to understand, store and process new knowledge. If you regularly read a book, then you will certainly notice this in your memory. Your understanding of language and the world around you will also improve. Try replacing an hour of television a day for reading in a book. This can be either fiction or non-fiction!

10. Avoid Multitasking

Are you someone who cannot see the world around when you have to do several tasks in one day? Then it is best to prepare a task list before you start working. You then have all your odd jobs listed, from high to low priority. Don’t mix things up. Start with the most important and handle that before you proceed to the next project. And make sure you have all the information and requirements for your work at hand.

11. Avoid Distraction

Concentration problems occur both at home and at work. By telling your housemates or colleagues that you are busy, they can take you into account and avoid disturbing you while working. If you still find it difficult to concentrate, you can remind the people in your area that you need to concentrate.

You may ask if they want to conduct their unimportant discussions a little later. This does not work if you give a mixed signal. Saying that you are busy and then calling home extensively is not done in this situation. You can also choose to relocate yourself to a quiet workplace.

12. Take Brain Supplements

You must be thinking that earlier in this article, I suggested that the following healthy diet doesn’t require the consumption of brain supplements. But, most of us are not keen to follow a strict diet and exercise routine, and therefore we need an alternative.

Brain supplement is the best alternative to a healthy diet and exercise. Brain supplements formulated with herbal ingredients help in enhancing the blood flow in your brain cells that help in improving your working and visual memory along with improved focus and concentration.

You can check out my comparison list of top-rated brain supplements. You will also find my reviews on some of the best and popular supplements that I strongly recommend.


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