6 Easy Memory Tricks To Beat Procrastination

Most a time you might find yourself in a condition where your brain makes you do things that you know are not good for future. It seems like your brain is taming you but it’s not true, rather you can trick your brain as you want. There is a part of our brain called the subconscious mind that instructs our nervous system to perform the activity as per instruction is given by it. It catches what we think all day long and instructs accordingly.

6 ways to trick your brain

 If you mostly think negative or you think of your fear, it will instruct your body to do things negatively, leading to failure. Whereas if you think positive even the conditions are not favorable, your subconscious mind will perform accordingly to work positively in that direction, leading to success. In this article, I am going to discuss 6 possible ways to trick your subconscious mind and make it work accordingly.


Avoid Negative, Think Positive

Always Think Positive


Has your entire day ruined off due to just one tiny start?  This is obviously because your brain tricked you again. Do you know that our brain loves to focus on negative thoughts and therefore mostly it convinces you to perform activities that you hate to do.

For example, you are ready to leave for office and at sudden you hear a bad news and you start thinking that start of the day is bad, now whole day is going to be ruined. This is where your brain tricks you and creates negativity in your activity. Therefore trick your brain back, think positive or think of positive things in past, your brain will perform accordingly.


Make Decisions on Reality, not on Optimism

Dont live in Optimism


Many times your brain’s negativity gets reverse. If you think that something bad is going to happen in future, the results get opposite and this is due to brain getting over optimistic. This is why usually anticipations make you happy than the results.

For example, we are aware of fact that smoking kills but we don’t quit thinking that not all smoker die and our brain makes the decision to continue smoking neglecting the fact that we know. Therefore thinking optimistic many times make us suffer in future. Make your decision considering the reality and your brain with work on that base.


Overcome procrastination



Our brain is a bad guy, it doesn’t want us to do anything straightforwardly. It always creates a worry in our mind that will this work be successful done or not. This makes us procrastinate our decisions in order to find relevant time to perform it and mostly it gets too late.

Therefore in order to overcome this habit, trick your brain into creating a scene in mind that you have decided to work on it and taking steps on performing it. This will fool your brain and will not let it overcome your decision.


Focus on healthy diet

diet for healthy brain


We all love eating snacks, burger, pizza and many other fast foods knowing that it will affect our health. We daily decide to quit these foods and follow a healthy diet but fail every time, do you why? Because your brain is forcing you to do it. It knows that you love this food and you have minimum interest in following the diet, therefore it is creating a positivity for fast foods and negativity for a healthy diet. Overcome this situation, trick your brain into making it believe that fast foods are unhealthy and you are ready for a healthy diet.


Don’t be self-centered

self centered


Well, it’s never a surprise that brain forces us for being self-centered and its good but sometimes this becomes detrimental. For an example, many times you think that you can’t be wrong or you are always great at whatever you do and the failure is just due to bad luck. But the fact is that this is not true, there are people better than you, you can be wrong sometimes and things done by you are not always perfect. This all happens due to the trick played by your brain but you can trick it back. Therefore make yourself realize that you are good but not the perfect and there is always a scope to learn from your failure.


Save money rather blowing it

Save money


We all know that saving money is a good habit and we all should do it. But when are available with cash, we don’t think of saving and concentrate only on where can I spend it. As all money is spent and we are out of cash, we again start thinking that if I would have saved some money. It’s not you who is responsible for this, it’s your brain.

When we don’t have money we think two things, necessity of saving and where to spend when cash is available. But when we get the cash, our brainwashes of saving factor and highlights only spending. The trick to avoid this is to not just think about saving rather make plans to where invest it. If you will build up plans for saving, your brain will have it highlighted that there is a plan for investment and it is to be excluded from spending amount. Visit We The Brainys homepage for more information in brain power enhancement.

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