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6 Vital Cognitive Enhancer Tips For Better Memory

It is not uncommon for the memory to decrease as we get older. Memory loss, such as being unable to get a name or missing a doctor’s appointment, can occur at any age. Still, seniors are often more concerned about situations like this than others. They are afraid that these are the first signs of a psychiatric disorder, such as dementia. Here are various cognitive enhancer tips that keep the mind sharp and reduce the risk of memory loss.


Cognitive Enhancer Tip #1. Learn New Skills


It is important to keep the brain in shape, just like any other part of the body. Mental stimulation such as reading books, playing chess, writing short stories, filling in a puzzle or social interaction can play a crucial role in keeping a sharp mind and preventing memory problems. Keep learning new things. Our brains process information, by continuing to stimulate this you keep it in shape.

Cognitive Enhancer Tip #2. Use All Senses


Our senses play an important role in learning new things and storing this information. Studies have shown that memories associated with the use of multiple senses, such as feeling and smell, are often easier to remember. Stimulate all your senses when you take on a new challenge. For example, try to use your sense of taste and smell to recognize ingredients in a restaurant or absorb the smell that hangs in the room of the ceramics class and feel the material.

Cognitive Enhancer Tip #3. Believe In Yourself


Negative thoughts that arise from misunderstandings about aging can make memory problems worse. Studies have shown that elderly people with a positive attitude often have a better memory than seniors who are very concerned. Believe in yourself, this will ultimately help you the most.

Cognitive Enhancer Tip #4. Use Brain Wisely


As we get older it is important to make optimal use of the memory storage that we have. Use calendars, planners, shopping lists, and address books to organize all static information instead of constantly remembering important data. Choose a permanent place in your house for your bag, wallet, and keys and minimize the risk of distraction by keeping it tidy at home. If you knew these routines by heart, there will be enough space left to store new information.

Cognitive Enhancer Tip #5. Repeat Things To Remember


If you want to remember something that you have just heard or read; repeat it. Don’t just say it in your head, but repeat it aloud and write it down. If you feel that you have not fully understood something the first time, do not hesitate to ask. If you put things in a different place than normal, speak this place out loud and repeat this a few times. Repetition is an essential part of strengthening a memory.

Cognitive Enhancer Tip #6. Just Get Relaxed


Where repetition is a powerful means for seniors to remember something, it is not advisable to use blocks as you would do for an exam. It is important to divide the recording of new information into different moments. First, refresh your memory every hour, then every few hours, then turn it into a daily moment and finish it that way. In this way, long-term memory is also stimulated and the new action is more likely to become a routine. Distributing learning moments over a certain period of time stimulates memory, not only in healthy people but also in people with cognitive impairment.

For seniors, it is important to understand that memory loss is common as we age. Where every now and then you cannot prevent a lost bunch of keys or phone number, you can stimulate and improve the aging mind with a proactive approach.

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