An InteliGEN Review – Is It A Worthy Buy?

Are you frequently forgetting your keys? You scheduled an appointment, but forgot to attend it? Are you facing problem in recalling names and events? These are surely the signs that your cognitive power is decreasing. Hi folks, I am Matthew and in this article, I am going to review one of the most renowned and demanded brain enhancing supplements in the market, InteliGEN Advanced Brain Formula. But before getting started with our InteliGen review, let’s have a quick look at the problem, what causes a decrease in cognition and home remedies to get rid of it.


inteligen advanced brain formula


For some people in their middle or old age, forgetfulness feels very scary as they assume that they are suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. National Institute on Aging recently reported that Alzheimer’s is not the only factor/condition responsible for forgetfulness, as there are many other factors that can also lead you to the same condition. If you can possibly be able to find the reason for your cognitive deficiency, you can treat it soon.


The brain is the most important part of our body as it lets us know that who we are and how are others related to us. Thus it is important to keep it healthy. As we age our memory power gets weak, therefore we should incorporate some cognition enhancing techniques.


What Causes Decline In Memory Power?

limitless mind formula


There are various factors that can cause a decline in memory power. These are as follows:

  • Deficiency of Vitamin B-12
  • Lack of enough sleep
  • Consumption of drugs, alcohol and prescription medications
  • Anesthesia used during surgery
  • Radiation, chemotherapy and bone marrow transplant performed during cancer treatment
  • Some sort of head injury
  • Restricted flow of oxygen to brain
  • Infection or brain tumor
  • Mental disorders
  • Stress, depression, and anxiety
  • Thyroid dysfunction
  • Medical disorders such as Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, ADHD and Huntington’s disease


Do I need to consult a Doctor?

brain formulas


Well, not always because many a times it can be treated at home. But if you think that your forgetfulness is affecting your daily routine, your progress, your safety or leading to any physical symptoms, then it’s necessary to visit your doctor.


How can I boost my memory without pills and supplement?

Well, if you succeeded to ultimately find out the reason for your memory loss and decided to go with home remedies then surely these tips will help you to enhance your brain power.

  • Eat well, avoid excess carbohydrates and sugar.
  • Include fresh vegetables in your diet
  • Eat fish, as it contains Omega 3 oil that empowers brain cells
  • Meditation and yoga helps to increase concentration and increases blood flow to brain
  • Stop doing multitasking work
  • Rest well and take at least 7-8 hours of sleep
  • Play brain games such as crosswords, puzzles, Sudoku etc.
  • Try mnemonic devices


Should I Try Brain Booster Pill?

smart brain pill


Brain pills are really a perfect option if you think that home remedies are not working. Many types of research have proved that choosing correct brain enhancing pill that increases brain function and helps in boosting your cognitive power and can also protect you from future mental decline.


There are various herbal nutrients such as minerals, vitamins, amino acids, acetylcholine and other herbs that form main ingredients of various pills for the brain.


What Are Brain Supplements or Nootropics?

brain pills


Nootropics are commonly known as smart brain pills, smart drugs or brain booster pill. The word Nootropics is derived from Greek words nous (means mind) and trepein (means to turn or bend) and was first coined by a Romanian psychologist Corneliu E. Giurgea in the year 1972.

These supplements help in improving your brain function, improve memory, enhance concentration, improve mood and increase energy as well. Better the nootropics, better the results. A good quality of nootropics will help you perform more things, faster and better. Many people searching for brain enhancement supplements usually seek for the natural supplement as they are safe and result oriented. Moreover, their search is for such products that are proven to perform as per user reviews and testimonials.

What Is InteliGEN Pill?

what is inteligen pill


Manufacturer of InteliGEN supplement state that it has been formulated with 100% all natural ingredients and nutrients. It helps to speed up the brain functionality in adults. As per this, the supplement guarantees to increase intelligence, productivity, enhancing focus, improving concentration and memory, overall boosting brain performance.


How Does InteliGEN Work on Brain Cells?

All the above claims are made by the manufacturer, but the question is that how does InteliGEN work to boost brain performance. As per studies made on InteliGEN brain supplements, the ingredients included in it helps in generating the electrical impulse to strengthen the brain cells and maintaining the regular acetylcholine level.


What is the role of Acetylcholine in Brain?

brain booster pill

Let’s make this part precise as you are not here for a science lecture. There are neurotransmitters that help cells to transfer signals between each other, this neurotransmitter is known as acetylcholine. This might be sounding you too simple but it’s not so, these neurotransmitters are so much essential as they help our brain, nervous system and muscles to function properly. It’s obvious that it includes our cognition and memory.


With our age, the acetylcholine level in our body decreases and this creates difficulty for cells in transmission and communication. When this deficiency of acetylcholine gets prominent, it affects our memory power. Now you will ask whether acetylcholine is included in InteliGEN ingredients list. While researching on the internet for my InteliGEN review, I found that acetylcholine was included in the list and therefore the answer is, YES.


What InteliGEN intends to do?

pill to increase intelligence

  • Boosts mental energy
  • Improves focus
  • Enhances concentration and attention
  • Improves processing speed and adapting new skills
  • Relief from stress, depression, and anxiety
  • Provides faster memory recalling
  • Higher retention of information
  • Renewing damaged cells


What is in InteliGEN Ingredients list?

Inteligen Ingredients


InteliGEN is claimed to be formulated with 100% all natural ingredients. Let’s check out the list,

Bacopa Monnieri – Common ingredients in brain supplements, enhances cognitive and mental ability, reduced stress and anxiety.

Vinpocetine – Increase blood flow in brain cells, enhances production of neurotransmitter.

Ginko Biloba – Increase concentration and memory, boost memory power.

Acetyl L-Carnitine – Improves memory, increases energy and learning capability. Eliminates toxin from brain cells.


What Do Clinical Studies Say About InteliGEN?

Is Inteligen A Scam


If you check the official website of InteliGEN, you will find a section of clinical studies performed on their product. These studies are claimed to support the benefits of the product stated by the manufacturer.


Well, while checking it out on official website as well as other reviews on InteliGEN, I found that similar to other marketers, InteliGEN’s manufacturer also stated more than enough about their product. 30% of their claims do not match the studies made by them but satisfying is that at least 70% of their claims are genuine where other are mostly marketing gimmicks.


What are the benefits of InteliGEN?

Boosts recalling power and memory

Make you feel sharp and alert

Increases concentration

Enhances cognitive system

Improves communication between cells

Makes your brain cells healthy


What are people saying about it?

Reviews On Inteligen


I know that after reading the clinical studies section, you would be some what confused and disappointed. But customer reviews on InteliGEN will surprise you same as I was. I have gone through various customer reviews on official website, forums and health review sites. I found that maximum customers of InteliGEN Brain Supplements were actually satisfied with the results.


Though there were also a couple of negative InteliGEN review but one cannot always blame the product for that. Every human body has different potential power; there might be some people whom this product might not have benefited. But this might also be due to their lifestyle. I mean with every supplement, you need to manage your diet and routine accordingly to get results.


What do I like about this product?

Brain Enhancing Supplements

  • It’s safe to consume due to its natural ingredients
  • It does not provide the boost due to caffeine as many other supplements do
  • Amazingly effective in extreme cases of cognitive deficiency
  • Effective in reducing stress and depression


What Didn’t I like about it?

  • Some possible side effects such as nausea, fatigue, and cramps
  • Releases mild odor in your breath


Are there any side effects?

Inteligen Scam


As I mentioned above, like all other intelligence pills, this also has a couple of side effects. These side effects are mild and do not cause any serious problem but there are side effects. One aspect is that these side effects could be due to some of its herbal ingredients.


Nausea, fatigue, bowel movement, dry mouth and stomach cramp are some common side effects due to its ingredient, Bacopa. Vinpocetine is an ingredient that can cause dizziness and sleep disturbance. Carnitine can make your breath to smell fishy.


How To Take InteliGEN Supplement?

Officially it is recommended to take a single capsule in morning and this will make you go throughout the day. But if you need to keep yourself alert in the late evening, then it’s good to take one more in evening.


What If I am not Satisfied?

This is the most important question that should be answered. InteliGEN’s manufacturer offers a 30 days money back guarantee to assure their customers that their money will not go waste. Guarantee period starts from the purchase date. But till now no such claim has been reported.


Some Common FAQs related to InteliGEN

Reviews On Inteligen


Q: What do you mean by boosting memory power with the use of InteliGEN?

It means that this supplement is specially formulated to increase the blood circulation in brain cells, making your memory enhanced.


Q: What is the right method of using this supplement?

Pills are to be taken once daily as recommended for at least 1 month or more.


Q: Are there any side effects of using this product?

No there no widely reported side effects for this product. However some people may face a few symptoms like nausea, fatigue, and cramps,


Q: How fast does this supplement offer desirable results?

Results could be delivered within 4-5 weeks


Q: Is InteliGEN a scam?

I have done deep research while writing this InteliGEN review and I can guarantee you that there is nothing like InteliGen Scam.


Q: Is this a pill to increase intelligence?

Though many affiliate sites promote this brain enhancing pill as limitless mind formula but to be frank, there is no such thing as intelligence pills. None of the brain enhancing supplements can give you limitless brain power. InteliGEN supplement or any other brain booster pill just help you to increase your concentration and memory power.


Q: What are the ingredients contained in this product?

Bacopa Monnieri – Vinpocetine –Ginko Biloba – Acetyl L-Carnitine

All the ingredients are 100% natural. The Benefits of each ingredient is covered earlier in this post.


Q: Is it possible to purchase this product in the UK?

Yes you can buy it in other countries including UK but only through official website. The product is currently available in Canada, Ireland, United Kingdom and United States


Q: Is InteliGEN effective as a brain booster?

Manufacturer states that being specially formulated as brain booster, it is effective.


Q: Is InteliGEN better than prescribed medication?

Surely because the product is made from all natural ingredients that are quite better than prescribed medication


Q: What is the right procedure for ordering this product?

It is best to order online


Q: Is this product FDA approved?

As per manufacturer’s claim the product totally herbal hence does not come under the purview of FDA


Q: InteliGEN price – How much does it cost?

One bottle of 60 capsules costs you $49 plus $9.95 as S&H charges.


Q: Can individuals buy InteliGEN in stores such as Walmart, Barrett, and Holland?

Not sure because there is no reference regarding sale availability on offline stores.


Where can I buy InteliGEN?

Inteligen Price


The best place to buy safely and securely is to order it from the official website. Good thing is that there are no phony scams like the free trial option that sucks you into a concealed recurring buying sequence. All the packages and quantity discounts are clearly mentioned on the website and there are no hidden scams or charges.

Package involves
1 bottle costs $49

3 bottle costs $33 each

5 bottle costs $29.60 each


What are the other options?

The market is flooded with options and you will get tired of searching the best option. Here are some other brain pills with their success rate. Please note that these success rates are not my ratings neither affiliate ratings, rather these ratings are made by health organization on the basis of the Ingredients, Effectiveness, Online Reputation, Side Effects, Pricing, and Value.

Brain Pill – 91%

Lucidal – 87%

Procera AVH – 85%

CILTEP – 84%

Brain Alert – 83%

ADDTabz – 85%

Necessarily need to mention InteliGEN – 93%


My Final Verdict

After going through all the aspects, reviews, rating and comparison with other supplements, I literally found that InteliGEN is one of the most powerful and unique nootropic formulas. You can try this to get fast and apparent results. The 30 Day Money back guarantee provides the feeling of assurance to the first time buyer and that the money invested would be safe anyways and would not go to dump.

Buy Inteligen

6 Easy Techniques to Trick Your Brain Into Beating Procrastination

Most a time you might find yourself in a condition where your brain makes you do things that you know are not good for future. It seems like your brain is taming you but it’s not true, rather you can trick your brain as you want. There is a part of our brain called the subconscious mind that instructs our nervous system to perform the activity as per instruction is given by it. It catches what we think all day long and instructs accordingly.

6 ways to trick your brain

 If you mostly think negative or you think of your fear, it will instruct your body to do things negatively, leading to failure. Whereas if you think positive even the conditions are not favorable, your subconscious mind will perform accordingly to work positively in that direction, leading to success. In this article, I am going to discuss 6 possible ways to trick your subconscious mind and make it work accordingly.


Avoid Negative, Think Positive

Always Think Positive


Has your entire day ruined off due to just one tiny start?  This is obviously because your brain tricked you again. Do you know that our brain loves to focus on negative thoughts and therefore mostly it convinces you to perform activities that you hate to do.

For example, you are ready to leave for office and at sudden you hear a bad news and you start thinking that start of the day is bad, now whole day is going to be ruined. This is where your brain tricks you and creates negativity in your activity. Therefore trick your brain back, think positive or think of positive things in past, your brain will perform accordingly.


Make Decisions on Reality, not on Optimism

Dont live in Optimism


Many times your brain’s negativity gets reverse. If you think that something bad is going to happen in future, the results get opposite and this is due to brain getting over optimistic. This is why usually anticipations make you happy than the results.

For example, we are aware of fact that smoking kills but we don’t quit thinking that not all smoker die and our brain makes the decision to continue smoking neglecting the fact that we know. Therefore thinking optimistic many times make us suffer in future. Make your decision considering the reality and your brain with work on that base.


Overcome procrastination



Our brain is a bad guy, it doesn’t want us to do anything straightforwardly. It always creates a worry in our mind that will this work be successful done or not. This makes us procrastinate our decisions in order to find relevant time to perform it and mostly it gets too late.

Therefore in order to overcome this habit, trick your brain into creating a scene in mind that you have decided to work on it and taking steps on performing it. This will fool your brain and will not let it overcome your decision.


Focus on healthy diet

diet for healthy brain


We all love eating snacks, burger, pizza and many other fast foods knowing that it will affect our health. We daily decide to quit these foods and follow a healthy diet but fail every time, do you why? Because your brain is forcing you to do it. It knows that you love this food and you have minimum interest in following the diet, therefore it is creating a positivity for fast foods and negativity for a healthy diet. Overcome this situation, trick your brain into making it believe that fast foods are unhealthy and you are ready for a healthy diet.


Don’t be self-centered

self centered


Well, it’s never a surprise that brain forces us for being self-centered and its good but sometimes this becomes detrimental. For an example, many times you think that you can’t be wrong or you are always great at whatever you do and the failure is just due to bad luck. But the fact is that this is not true, there are people better than you, you can be wrong sometimes and things done by you are not always perfect. This all happens due to the trick played by your brain but you can trick it back. Therefore make yourself realize that you are good but not the perfect and there is always a scope to learn from your failure.


Save money rather blowing it

Save money


We all know that saving money is a good habit and we all should do it. But when are available with cash, we don’t think of saving and concentrate only on where can I spend it. As all money is spent and we are out of cash, we again start thinking that if I would have saved some money. It’s not you who is responsible for this, it’s your brain.

When we don’t have money we think two things, necessity of saving and where to spend when cash is available. But when we get the cash, our brainwashes of saving factor and highlights only spending. The trick to avoid this is to not just think about saving rather make plans to where invest it. If you will build up plans for saving, your brain will have it highlighted that there is a plan for investment and it is to be excluded from spending amount.

6 Ways to Naturally Reduce Stress and Increase Productivity

Low memory power or decreased cognition is a very common issue these days. Mostly it doesn’t get serious but if it turned to serious level it can cost you both physically and socially. There are various reasons for the decrease in memory power such as poor nutrition, bad lifestyle, consumption of alcohol and drugs and aging. But one of the major causes is stress, you need to reduce stress.


6 ways to reduce stress


Your busy work schedule, excess workload, financial and relationship problems can cause you stress. Your stress not only affects your memory power but also your energy and productivity. Therefore here in this article, we are going to find out 6 natural ways to eliminate stress from your life and increase your productivity and enhance your memory power.


Go for outdoor trip

outdoor trip


Viewing nature beauty make us feel calm, relaxed and satisfied. Whenever I feel stressed or low in energy due to workload, I pack my bag and move out in nature. Sitting in a silent natural view makes me feel calm and relaxed.


Our brain gets tired due to routine workload and therefore the productivity decreases. Feeling the sunlight, walking through the grass, breathing fresh air and smelling the aroma of the flower makes your nerves calm and relaxed. Due to this the blood circulation to our brain increases, making us feel mentally fresh.


Stress relief exercises

Stress relief exercises


I know you are thinking that all stress relief articles commonly include this technique and for those who hate exercises, it’s the section to skip. But wait, you cannot underestimate exercises because they actually work. No matter which type of exercise you do whether its running, normal stretching or sweating in the gym, all exercise work because they stimulate your metabolic process and increase the blood circulation. But if you are thinking of stress-oriented exercise, meditation and yoga are the most powerful stress reliever.


Laugh out louder

Laugh out louder


We all know that laughter is the best medicine for our health. Doctors also recommend laughter therapy for patients suffering from blood pressure and heart problem. Similarly, laughing helps to reduce stress this is because while we laugh our body releases endorphin that helps in improving mood and decreases the level of adrenaline and cortisol that cause stress. Add laughing activities such as watching comedy shows, reading comic books, spending fun time with your family and friends, in your daily routine.


Fuel Yourself Healthy

stress relief diet


Diet is the most important thing that is considered prominent treatment option for any health condition. Most of the health problems occur due to poor or improper diet, therefore, it can also be treated through maintaining your diet schedule. Nature is full of fruits and vegetables that are a rich source of vital nutrients for our daily functioning. Poor diet is also one of the major cause of stress as we don’t get necessary nutrients. Foods like apple, blueberries, grapes and many others are filled with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that help to boost our cognition power and relieve stress. Try taking tea or coffee on a daily basis because caffeine acts as a memory booster and ease our nervous system.


Take enough sleep

Take enough sleep


When you are stressed, you don’t take proper sleep and this worse the condition. A proper sleep is very important for us to feel fresh and active in our daily lifestyle. Our body also needs rest from daily struggle and sleep is that rest when our muscles and nerves rest down to rejuvenate. Try taking at least seven to eight hours of sleep. Don’t watch television while going to bed. If you have a habit of sleeping with lights on then cut off this habit and try to sleep in dark or use dim light.


Use natural supplements

natural brain supplement


Sometimes we found it very difficult to follow these home remedies because either we are lazy to carry out all these or we don’t have time to manage all this along with our daily work schedule. Therefore if this is the condition with you and even then you are desperate to get relief from stress and boost your memory power then it is advised to use herbal supplements recommended for memory enhancement such as InteliGEN. These supplements are formulated with all essential nutrients.

Five Common Food Items Which Improve Memory

You will surely agree with me that how important it is to have better memory power. No matter it’s about remembering passwords, dates, events, names, and contacts, all you need is to improve memory power. Enhanced cognition not only keeps you concentrated but also leads you to the path of success. It’s not that some of us have weak memory genetically rather it could be due to our poor lifestyle, unhealthy diet, stress, and depression.

If you search the internet, there are numerous ways to enhance your memory power. Diet, exercise, lifestyle changes, brain games, and supplements are some prominent way to enhance your cognition power. But here in this article, we are going to find out how to enhance memory through diet and for that I have list top five foods that can help you raise your memory power within few weeks. So let’s find out, what that 5 foods are.


Chocolate as brain food

chocolate as brain food


Chocolate is a favorite food for most of us. We love to eat chocolates and for kids, its dying favorite. But it will really surprise you that chocolate can help you in enhancing memory power. Yes, you heard it right; chocolate is one of the best memory-boosting foods. There is an element named polyphenol present in the chocolate that boosts the blood circulation in the brain and helps in growth of brain cells and brain vessels. But sure that you eat it while your eyes on your calorie chart because calorie level in chocolate is very high.


Coffee as brain food

coffee as brain food


Awesome news for coffee lovers, especially ladies, it has been proved that Coffee helps in increasing the memory power. In a study conducted on coffee by researchers of the University of Innsbruck, it was found that caffeine in coffee has very positive results in boosting memory power. Though the results are more prominent in women than men but the bottom line is that coffee is also one of the best brain foods. Just make sure that you prefer to filtered coffee because unfiltered coffee is responsible to increase cholesterol.


Lean Red meat as brain food

Lean Red meat as brain food


If you are a vegetarian then it’s not for you. But good news for meat lovers, recently it was found that lean red meat is a very good source of iron, vitamin B12, and zinc. We all are aware of health benefits of these minerals. These vitamins and minerals help in increasing blood circulation and repairing damaged cells that results in increasing memory power.


Fruits as brain food

Fruits as brain food


It is well known that fruits are an essential part of our diet and almost every fruit carries some health benefits. Similarly, there are some fruits like apple, blueberries, and cherries that are known to improve memory power. The skin and flesh of apple contain antioxidant that helps in preventing Alzheimers and phytochemical that is a great memory booster. Similarly, blueberries are also a rich source of phytochemical along with anthocyanin that helps in boosting memory and maintaining brain health. Cherries and grapes are also a major source of antioxidant and anthocyanin that are responsible for repairing brain cells and improving memory power.


Herbs as brain food

herbs for brain


There is a phrase, you might have heard it, “rosemary for remembrance”. It’s not just a phrase rather it is a fact that herb named rosemary is a very popular brain boosting herb. This amazing power of rosemary is known since ancient days but our science recently acclaimed that rosemary is a very rich source of carnosic acid and antioxidants that prominent in boosting memory power. Let me tell you a wonderful fact, even the smell of rosemary is powerful brain booster. Therefore you can use them in your home and office spaces. Some other herbs like ginseng, Gotu Kola, and ginkgo are also good memory boosting herbs.

Parents Remember This! Techniques to Improve Memory in Children

I was literally shocked when my 2-year-old son scrabbled with crayons on the table. As just a few days ago I have gone through the same condition and strictly told him that table is not meant for coloring. We both cleaned it and at that time I thought he must have understood it.

Either he forgot or maybe playing to irritate me. If he had forgotten, then this condition is normal in toddlers as they might be impulsive or because their memory is not fully developed. But if this is the condition with young kids or in teenagers, this is something serious.

Improve Memory in Children


Let me tell you that there is a short-term memory in our brain that makes us remember things, dates, events, name and many else. It is also known as working memory. This working memory is very important to work fully with our kids as it helps them to learn, remember, recall and to solve problems.


If your kid is also suffering from the similar condition, then its time to take action. Below I have listed some techniques that you can use on your kids to boost their memory power.

Work on Visual Skills

visual skills for children


Visualization skill works on the mind by creating an image in your mind of what are you thinking. For this, ask your child to develop a picture of what he just heard or read. For instance, you asked your kid to arrange the chairs for six people. It’s obvious that immediately he must have started picturing the arrangement in his mind.


If the visualization skill is weak, he will take time to respond or he might look confused. But practicing this skill on regular basis with new tasks every time will help him to improve his skill.


Tell them to teach you

Teaching or explaining any skill or topic makes your sense of informing more active and you try to recall and explain what all you learned and know about that skill. This trick of teaching skills will help your kids to improve memory. Ask your child to teach you any new skill he learns recently.


For example, if he is learning how to dribble a ball in basketball then ask him to teach you the same. This will make him feel superior and while teaching you he will explore his brain more to recall all that he learned and how his coach taught him.


Suggest them to play puzzle games

Puzzle Games for children


Puzzle games ignite your mind to think and create a visual image that helps you to solve it. Puzzle games are one of the best options to improve your working memory. Give your kid some exciting puzzles and let them solve it on their own. Also, you can give them a newspaper page and ask them to circle out all “the” words on the page in 60 seconds. This will make them use their visual skill and memory to find the word.


Make them play cards

Card games for children


There are some card games such as Uno, Crazy Eights, War and Go Fish that can help your child to improve their memory in two simple ways. Firstly, he will have to keep in his mind, the rules of the game and secondly he will need to remember that which cards other have played and which one he has.


Encourage them for Active Reading

Do you know why these days sticky notes and highlighters are so much popular? Surely you will say to make important things remember and recall. Same is with kids, ask your kids to use these instruments while they are reading their course book or something important they got known recently. This will help them to frequently remember those important notes and they will be able to recall it easily whenever they need it.


Break information into small bites

information in small bites


You must have noticed that hyphens are used in writing social security numbers and phone numbers. This is because of a psychological reason, it is quite easy to remember numbers in a small group rather than in long string. Similarly, ask your kids to break the information or data they need to learn. This will help them to remember it easily and recall it faster.


Make it multisensory

Don’t get confused with multisensory as it is not at all related to multitasking. Multisensory means performing a task in various different ways possible. This helps your long-term memory and working memory keep working. Perform this with your kids, give them a task and ask them to find out all possible ways in which they can perform it. This will not only boost their working memory rather it will also help to empower their long-term memory.


Ask them to make Connections

make connections


Making connections between the information you want to remember helps you to store it in your mind for a longer period and you can recall it whenever you need. For an example, if your kid isn’t able to remember the colors of the rainbow, ask them to form a name with the digits of those colors name. Such as, the first digit of all seven colors make it vibgyor, if it’s still hard to remember, you can turn it down to Roy G Biv.


These memory boosting techniques are just a part of various ways to enhance memory power in your child. If performing these tricks don’t work to improve your kids working memory than it better to consult a doctor or you may also check out some supplement for memory enhancement to help your kids raise brain power.

Nootropics Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ

Anyone searching for brainpower enhancement must have once gone through the word, Nootropics. Even getting frequently noticing this word, very few of them exactly know it is. That’s why there are lots of query on the internet for nootropics. Therefore I decided to answer all possible questions related to this query. Here are some frequently asked questions and their best possible answers.


Nootropics FAQ


What are Nootropics?

Nootropics commonly referred as smart pills or smart drugs was so named by a Romanian psychologist named Corneliu E. Giurgea in 1972. The word nootropics is derived from two Greek words, nous means mind and trepein means to bend or turn. These smart pills are very popular and claim to reduce motor function difficulties, improve memory, attention, intelligence, motivation, and mood. Most importantly, these pills are safe being the best alternative to harmful prescription pills.


Since last few years, there has been a debate between the nootropics researchers that which all brain-boosting drugs and supplements fall into the category of nootropics. This is because most of these drugs and supplements are found affecting adversely to individual’s health. Nevertheless, the international business of these cognition enhancing supplements was reported to about $1 billion in the year 2015 and the demand for them are raising day by day.


What Are The Different Types of Nootropics?

Nootropics can basically be divided into four categories, The Racetam Family, Eugeroic Stimulants, Cholinergic, Vitamins, and Supplements.

  • The Racetam Family is a kind of nootropics that can be further listed into a subfamily that includes noopept, aniracetam, levetiracetam, piracetam, oxiracetam, nefiracetam, pramiracetam, and phenylpiracetam.

In various countries, these compounds have been used in a number of medical uses. In some European countries, piracetam has been used as a cognitive enhancer. Levetiracetam has been used in the United States to control epileptic seizures.
  • Eugeroic is a nootropic that is famous for its use in treating the heart-related problem. It’s compound help in controlling blood pressure and heart pulse rate.
  • Vitamins and nutrients are no doubt world famous for their health benefits. There are some vitamins and minerals that help in boosting overall health along with maintaining blood flow, repairing damaged cells and enhancing nervous system. This type of nootropics is actually the best brain booster.
  • Cholinergic is a nootropic that second best nootropics after supplements. The main feature of this nootropic is that it stimulates acetylcholine, neurotransmitters that are responsible for the healthy functionality of brain and memory.

These classes of nootropics are found beneficial in enhancing cognition function and act as a direct or indirect agonist of adrenoceptor A2 and dopamine receptor D1 in the prefrontal cortex.


How Do Nootropics Work?

Talking about how nootropics work, it is very detailed topic to discuss here so we will discuss it in another article. But to be very precise, it totally depends on what type of nootropics you are consuming. Prescribed nootropic pills usually work fast whereas herbal nootropic supplements take time to deliver results.


How Does Prescription Pill Differ from Herbal Supplement?

As I mentioned earlier that there is two type of nootropics, prescription pills, and herbal supplements. Herbal supplements are easily available online and over the counter whereas for prescription pills, you will need to get it prescribed by a doctor. Prescription pills deliver fast results but possess various side effects whereas herbal supplement delivers slow but effective results and that too without any side effects.


Why Are Prescription Drugs Considered More Effective Than Herbal Supplements?

Most prescription drugs include amphetamine in their formulation that is renowned to enhance cognition functions such as inhibitory control, working memory, episodic memory,  and aspects of attention.

But it doesn’t mean that herbal supplements do not deliver results.

Herbal pills include methylphenidate and dimethylamylamine that are also powerful stimulants for memory enhancement. The only difference is that prescription pills are fast acting but short-term therapeutic whereas herbal pills are little slow but safe.


Are Nootropics Safe?

Frankly speaking, yes. However, being a human body there are some substances that may cause mild side effects. This is because we all have different body composition and therefore any substance that does not suit us might be totally safe and neutral for others. So, overall these supplements can be considered safe.


Is It Safe To Combine Nootropics?

By Personally experience , it’s really safe. No doubt following one supplement routine is good to produce results but I have personally tested that combining two or three type of nootropics actually produces extremely powerful results. But for a safe side, if you are totally new with nootropics, don’t get in a rush to combine multiple nootropics for faster results. It’s better to try one at a time to find out how it works on you before combining various other.


Can I Take Prescription Pills and Supplement At The Same Time?

If you ask me, I will always say that though in most cases it is safe, it is better to consult your doctor before doing it. This is because if you are suffering from some serious health condition then this process might make your condition worst.


Is It Safe For Students To Take Nootropics?

Well, mostly it is not recommended to give nootropics or any brain-boosting supplement to students for their academic improvement. But nowadays, it is widely prevalent among students to consume memory supplements during their examination or academic competitions. Given a choice it would be always better to go for Herbal options rather than medications, for fear of side effects.


Will I Feel Stupid If I Stop Taking Nootropics?

Once you stop supplementing your brain with nootropics, this might be a case that your memory power gets back to normal phase. Well, this doesn’t mean that your memory will get weak as earlier but it will surely be declined to some level. Therefore it is wise to not pausing your nootropic supplement.


Are Nootropics As Effective As Marketed?

There is no doubt that brain supplements are effective in delivering results but intense marketing cannot be related to the efficiency. Though some compounds of nootropics are scientifically tested and reported beneficial but mostly manufacturer’s claim are not verified or tested by independent authorities.


How To Choose Right Nootropic?

It’s the most important question if you have planned to take nootropics because this question needs a very professional answer. Below are all the questions that arise in your mind while choosing nootropic.


Which Nootropic Is Best If I Feel Low During My Favorite Activity?

If you are feeling low in energy during your favorite activity, this doesn’t mean that it is due to your cognitive decline and you don’t need a nootropic for this. You can actually consult your doctor about Modafinil, a medication that treats narcolepsy.


Which nootropic do I need for laser fast concentration and focus?

Optimind is a kind of supplement that can actually help you achieve laser fast concentration and focus. It has a combination of Caffeine, DMAE, Huperzine and Green Tea Extract.


Which nootropic is best for overall enhanced memory and cognitive power for an extended period of time?

InteliGEN is one such perfect supplement that is known for enhancing memory and concentration for a longer period of time. Combination of Ginko Biloba, Rhodiola Rosea and Bacopa makes InteliGEN a powerful formula.


How to improve learning power while experiencing brain trauma?

If you are experiencing any sort of brain trauma or gone through brain surgeries, it is better to consult your doctor before taking any medication. Aniracetam and Piracetam are two best medication for enhancing learning power in such condition.


Is there any such thing as Limitless Pill?

I know how this question raised in your mind. This is due to the movie Limitless in which Bradley Cooper took an amazing pill to get limitless focus and cognition. Though there are hundreds of supplements claiming to give you similar limitless cognition but to be very frank, there is no such thing ever invented. But there are actually some prominent supplements that can raise your focus, concentration, and memory to an extraordinary level.


My Top Pick For Nootropic – InteliGEN

InteliGEN is one such supplement that I have personally tested and referred it others. What makes this supplement my favorite is its ingredients that are all natural and herbal. This supplement raises our memory and cognition by boosting neurotransmitter that helps in communication between neurons, faster the communication, faster is our memory.

Top 10 Brain Supplements – My Top Ranked Nootropic Picks

Nootropics, also known as brain boosting supplements, are rising in popularity these days. Majority of people searching for brain-boosting techniques, end at brain supplements. But the major concern is to select the best one among all. The market is flooded with brain supplements and maximum of them are just marketing gimmick. Therefore, I decided to help you out by selecting the 10 best brain supplements for you to choose. The research is done by rating products on various factors such as ingredients, clinical evidence, customer reviews, benefits, and price.


top 10 brain supplements


Below I have listed all the top 10 brain boosting supplements. I have done a lot of research in finalizing this list. Please note that don’t confuse with the order of the product listed. I haven’t ranked them as I am not worthy to rank them because all of them are worth to buy and they have made their place in this list beating hundreds of brain supplements.





NooCube is among one of the best brain supplement on the market today. The reason it has made a place on this list is due to a vast number of clinical evidence. No matter how many claims supplements make but the only thing that proves its efficiency is the clinical evidence. NooCube also includes all natural ingredients that make it safe.


Mind Lab Pro

Mind Lab Pro


One of the most excellent brain-boosting supplement in the market today. Mind Lab Pro has been formulated with 11 natural ingredients. Again clinical evidence made on this product increases its reputation. All the evidence available back-up the claims made by the manufacturer. The official page contains a segment where they have listed all the ingredients used along with the role played by them.



inteligen brain pill

InteliGEN is without any doubt, the most favorite brain supplement in the market. The combinations of proven and potent ingredients make this supplement the most powerful formula. Personally, this is my favorite too. The ingredients include Alpha GPC, Phosphatidylserine, L-Tyrosine, Ginko Biloba and Hordenine. Two things that increase this product’s credibility is the money back guarantee and link on its official page to the clinical studies.


Addy Focus

Addy Focus


Addy Focus has made this list without being a herbal supplement. Yes, you guessed it right, it’s a prescription pill and might possess some side effects. But what made it worthy to enter the list is its efficiency. Addy Focus is the best alternative to any powerful prescription drug. It is best for those who want instant results such as students preparing for exams.





One major claim made by Geniux is that it makes you genius, but sorry this claims looks not more than a gimmick. Because there is no such pill or supplement that can increase your IQ. Although It can certainly improve your brain performance, it cannot make you Einstein. The ingredients of this product are quite powerful and effective but the potency is not enough to make it best.





OptiMind is no doubt the powerful brain-boosting supplement in the market, everyone has heard of it some or other way but the problem is that no one is actually sure whether it works or not. After hearing so much about it, I specially investigated this product and its claim. Though in a look, it seems the most powerful supplement, actually it is not the most powerful and best among all.


Alpha Brain

Alpha Brain


The only product that has proven on every level whether synergistic formula or clinical evidence or quality ingredients. The product is packed with a list of some most powerful ingredients such as Phosphatidylserine, Alpha GPC, Oat Straw Extract, Huperzia Serrata and Vinpocetine. All ingredients have a variety of health benefits.

A powerful supplement like this can surely lead you to increased focus and alertness, laser concentration and improved cognition. But there are some factors that don’t make it my favorite. First of all, the potency of the supplement is very low and therefore you can’t expect fast results and secondly, the price is too high compared to other supplements.





Adderin is one more prescription pill on our list same as Addy Focus. Though this supplement mimics the prescription drug, Adderall. But it not own any side effects as Adderall. Being similar to Addy Focus, it posses same quality but it doesn’t stand beside Addy Focus. Although it is not as effective as Addy Focus but it’s not the worst. Afterall that why it’s on the top 10 list. If you are planning on prescription pills then you can surely choose Adderin.


Brain Pill

Brain Pill

Brain Pill is again one of the most powerful brain supplement. The ingredients of this supplement are enough to prove that how powerful it is. All natural ingredients used in its formulation are quite enough to boost your memory, enhance brain functionality, improve transmission between neurons and increases your focus. All the benefits of Brain Pill make is a high quality and powerful formula.


Smart X

Smart X


Smart X was once awarded as the Best Brain Supplement in 2015. It was also featured on a popular show named Shark Tank. The main reason for its popularity was its proven and effective formula that leads to prominent results. But that was two years ago and since then things have changed a lot for Smart X.


Within the period of two years, the market has got some more prominent and promising supplements that are literally better than Smart X. The reason for this downfall is due to the negligence of reform by the manufacturer. The only reason this supplement made the list is due to its past reputation and still there are some people who still demand this supplement.


I am sure that this list would have eased your confusion for choosing the best brain supplement. All the 10 supplements are best among them and if you consult me, I will recommend you to go with InteliGEN. Not just because it’s my favorite rather I have personally seen the results and recommended it to many of my friends, and they have thanked me for that.


One last thing, please make sure that these nootropic supplements will surely give you instant results but if on a long run you want to get maximum benefit out of it then use it for at least one month and more.