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Mind Lab Pro vs alpha brain

Mind Lab Pro vs Alpha Brain – Which is the Better Nootropic?

If you’re looking for a nootropic supplement chances are you’ve come across two options; Mind Lab Pro and Alpha Brain. These brain supplements are widely used by individuals, including biohackers, students and older people who face memory issues.

Another similarity, between these nootropics is their ratings. Alpha Brain has the endorsement of Joe Rogan as its representative while Mind Lab Pro consistently ranks among the three nootropics on independent websites like ours.

However a common question asked on biohacking forums is which of these brain supplements is better.

Mind Lab Pro vs Alpha Brain – An Overview

Mind Lab Pro vs Alpha Brain

When comparing Mind Lab Pro vs Alpha Brain the question arises; which one is the nootropic? In this article we explore the composition, potential side effects and cost of each supplement to determine which one comes out on top. If you have experience, with both Alpha Brain and Mind Lab Pro we encourage you to share your preference.

Before comparing Alpha Brain and Mind Lab Pro it’s important to understand what these nootropic stacks are and their intended benefits.

What is Mind Lab Pro?


Mind Lab Pro is a nootropic supplement known for its ability to enhance cognitive function. Featuring a blend of eleven ingredients known for their cognitive boosting properties the main goal of this product is to optimize your brains abilities.

These abilities encompass a range of functions, including memory, focus and energy. By stimulating six pathways Mind Lab Pro effectively enhances all these cognitive functions.

The comprehensive formula of Mind Lab Pro aims to target and nourish much of the brain as possible going beyond stimulation. It also includes elements that protect and nourish the brain ensuring not energy but also safeguarding its long term health. In essence it offers an complete solution, for improving performance.

What is Alpha Brain?

alpha brain

Since its introduction in 2016 Alpha Brain by Onnit has consistently maintained its status as one of the nootropic supplements on the market. Its success can be largely attributed to the endorsements it has received from Joe Rogan—a supporter who not endorses the product but also co owns Onnit.

There is no denying that the landscape of supplements has evolved significantly since Alpha Brains debut. Natural nootropic stacks have become more advanced and sophisticated with dosages and a move away from ingredients. However despite these changes, in the industry the formula of Alpha Brain has remained unchanged since it was first introduced.


Both Alpha Brain and Mind Lab Pro contain vitamin B6 and their capsules are made from extracts. Although they share similarities in how they stimulate centers in the brain there are differences in the neurotransmitters they produce. However both neurotransmitters protect nerve cells by promoting cell membrane regeneration and fluid enhancement.

In summary Alpha Brain and Mind Lab Pro share similarities in terms of the ingredients they use their hypoallergenic offerings and their dedication to quality through third party testing. However they also have differences in how they work and affect neurotransmitter production.

Mind Lab Pro vs Alpha Brain – Differences

Alpha Brain and Mind Lab Pro have distinguishing factors that set them apart from each other. Lets delve into some of the disparities between Alpha Brain and Mind Lab Pro.

One notable distinction lies in the choice of ingredients. Mind Lab Pro prominently features cognizin as its nootropic ingredient while Alpha Brain incorporates Pterostilbene as its nootropic component.

Furthermore the formula of Mind Lab Pro excludes elements like L leucine, oat extract, Alpha GPC and Huperzia Serrata. On the hand it includes a variety of herbs such as Lions Mane Mushroom and Maritime Pine Bark Extract.

Mind Lab Pro also contains a concentration of B vitamins compared to Alpha Brain supplements. These variations contribute to the ways these nootropic supplements work.

The primary objective of Alpha Brain is to stimulate the production of Alpha waves that promote relaxation, in the brain. On the hand Mind Lab Pro focuses on stimulating the brain. Another notable difference lies in the age restrictions associated with each supplement.

While both teenagers and adults can safely use Mind Lab Pro it is not recommended for adolescents to take Alpha Brain. Additionally if an elderly person is dealing with an illness it’s advisable to avoid using Alpha Brain.

To summarize Alpha Brain and Mind Lab Pro have their characteristics and ingredient compositions. Their mechanisms of action. There are considerations regarding age when deciding between the two.

Ingredients, in Alpha Brain

Alpha Brain and Mind Lab Pro are two supplements that stand out because of their combinations of ingredients. Both products contain nootropics that support improved function in the brain.

These supplements consist of ingredients that work together synergistically. This means that one ingredient enhances the effects of another resulting in a duration or quicker response. The success or failure of these nootropics largely depends on this aspect.

The difference between Alpha Brain and Mind Lab Pro lies in their choices of ingredients. Alpha Brain utilizes blends each containing ingredients, with specific purposes.

The first blend, in Alpha Brain, known as the Onnit Blend focuses on promoting relaxation and generating Alpha Brain waves. It consists of amino acids, fats and oat extract. The amino acids L tyrosine and L theanine play a role in producing neurotransmitters that aid brain function. Additionally phosphatidylserine, a type of fat is crucial for maintaining the health of nerve cell membranes. However the specific purpose of oat straw extract in this blend is not clearly stated.

Moving on to the blend called Onnit Focus Mix it is specifically designed to enhance focus. It includes Alpha GPC and Huperzia Serrata which contribute to the production of Acetylcholine – a neurotransmitter that supports functions and prevents its degradation. These ingredients also assist in nerve transduction by promoting dendrite and axon growth.

Lastly the third blend named Onnit Fuel Blend contains Pterostilbene and L leucine. Pterostilbene is derived from resveratrol – a drug with effects. Meanwhile L leucine acts, as an amino acid that aids in producing and maintaining brain proteins.

In summary both Alpha Brain and Mind Lab Pro differ in their compositions when it comes to ingredients. While both supplements contain nootropics aimed at enhancing function their specific blends serve purposes.

Ingredients, in Mind Lab Pro


Mind Lab Pro consists of eleven ingredients, each, with stated dosages making it easy to understand. The first ingredient is Citicoline, in the form of cognizin which’s a well known cognitive enhancer. It supports functions like memory, focus, attention, neural regeneration and concentration.

The second ingredient is Sharp PS green, a plant based component that promotes integrity. The third ingredient is the sought after lions Mane mushroom which boosts the production of nerve growth factor and improves brain function and adaptability.

Bacopa Monnieri is another element in Mind Lab Pros blend known for its ability to enhance memory retention and information recall. It also includes L theanine and Rhodiola Rosea that contribute to neurotransmitter production and utilization.

Both Mind Lab Pro and Alpha Brain have ingredients supporting their effects. Both supplements incorporate extracts into their capsules formulations well as vitamin B6 content.

However some differences exist between them. Alpha Brain includes ingredients like Rice Hull Concentrate and Cats Claw Extract without providing a rationale for their inclusion in terms of improving nerve cell integrity. On the hand Mind Lab Pro includes beneficial supporting ingredients such, as vitamin B9 (folate) vitamin B12 (cobalamin) and Maritime Pine Bark Extract.

These vitamins play a role, in supporting and nourishing nerve cells. Mind Lab Pro includes Maritime Pine Bark Extract, which improves blood flow to the brain ensuring that brain cells receive the nutrients for health.

Potential Side Effects

When we compare the side effects of Alpha Brain vs Mind Lab Pro it becomes clear that Mind Lab Pro is the choice.

One of the reasons for this is that Alpha Brain uses blends, which hide the specific dosages of its ingredients. The use of blends raises suspicions about their intentions. Seems unnecessary. We already know the doses required for substances like Alpha GPC, monnieri Cats Claw and others. So there’s no reason to keep this information hidden.

By keeping ingredient dosages undisclosed Alpha Brain not raises concerns about transparency. Also makes it challenging for us to accurately evaluate potential side effects. In contrast Mind Lab Pro takes an approach. It provides a formula and clearly states the serving size of each ingredient, on its label.

This level of transparency allows us to make informed assessments regarding the risks of side effects associated with Mind Lab Pro.

Another benefit of Mind Lab Pro is its preference, for using branded and highly standardized forms of ingredients whenever possible. While this may not directly impact the effectiveness of the nootropic it does suggest that the ingredients used are of quality, purity and consistency compared to generic alternatives.

Price & Discounts

When comparing the prices of Mind Lab Pro and Alpha Brain it becomes clear that Mind Lab Pro offers an choice. While a bottle of Alpha Brain can cost $67.97 with discounts you can purchase four bottles of Mind Lab Pro for as low as $51.75.

This discounted price is obtained by buying three priced bottles and receiving one bottle for free. Interestingly despite Mind Lab Pro incorporating branded ingredients and being considered effective and higher in quality it is priced lower than Alpha Brain.

Mind Lab Pro vs Alpha Brain – Conclusion

After comparing Onnit Alpha Brain and Opti Nutra Mind Lab Pro it becomes clear that Mind Lab Pro surpasses Alpha Brain in aspects. Alpha Brain uses blends to hide the amounts of its ingredients, which raises concerns about the possible inclusion of cheap fillers.

Additionally Alpha Brain contains ineffective components that don’t provide any benefits. On the hand Mind Lab Pro takes an approach by clearly disclosing its formula and excluding any fillers.

The ingredient doses in Mind Lab Pro align with those used in studies. Moreover Mind Lab Pro is more cost effective compared to Onnit Alpha Brain. While both options are viable we recommend choosing Mind Lab Pro.

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