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How to Fight Anxiety Without Medication

How to Fight Anxiety Without Medication?

How to Fight Anxiety Without Medication? Anxiety seems to be normal when the cause is occasional. What we mean to say is that everybody becomes anxious in their daily lives, because the conditions change and a person is free to feel every kind of emotion, like happiness, excitement, nervousness, and even sadness.

Because the lifestyle is not similar for any person, but when the severity is increased and a person is really anxious due to lots of worry and fear, the feeling of terror and failure has captured your mind. Therefore, here you have to be conscious enough for yourself.

How to Fight Anxiety Without Medication?

How to Fight Anxiety Without Medication

What is anxiety?: If seen in the pure medical term, anxiety is the mental condition of a human being where he feels nervous and afraid due to a persistent situation. The feelings are so intense that they may lead to isolation and your mental health is at risk.

Here are some of the factors like apprehension, nervousness, high blood pressure, and stressful conditions that contribute to anxiety.

Anxiety may be of several types, which are listed below:

  • Agrophobia—fear of going into places.
  • Medical Condition Anxiety—the anxiety developed due to a distorted health condition.
  • Panic disorder—a repeated cycle of sudden fear and terror attacks in a person.
  • Separation anxiety: any kind of separation that has happened in a person’s childhood.
  • Social anxiety disorder-avoidance and fear of indulging in any social event or social situation

What are the signs of anxiety?

Here are the common symptoms of anxiety that could be seen as an initial indicator of the condition:

  • Excessive sweating and trembling.
  • Sleep deprivation.
  • Feelings of numbness and isolation.
  • Breathing problems and nervousness.
  • Emotional imbalances.
  • Restlessness and panic attacks.
  • Consistent failure fears

How to overcome Anxiety?

Instead of getting trapped in the situation, we must fight for ourselves. Sometimes it happens that a person may feel an emotional breakdown due to a certain past or event, but many people don’t fight back and commit suicide.

According to a survey, it was found that 8 out of 10 cases of suicide were due to anxiety, so here we are trying to give you some awesome tips for how to fight against anxiety and remain happy!

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Always carry a laugh.

Yes! You must’ve heard about laughter being the best medicine, so in this case! It is true, and therefore a person may always be happy and laugh more. The laughing action releases many good hormones that can make a person relaxed. Hormones like serotonin and dopamine are released when you laugh, and it makes you happier.

You can watch a comedy video or a comedy show and enjoy the happiest moment of your life.

Take a good nap.

Whenever a person may feel down, the one thing he can do is shut away all the negative thoughts and go for a deep sleep, because sleeping makes a person feel relaxed and calm. Your brain may start functioning well and well. That warm and cozy feeling under the blanket is another level of heaven.

Do give yourself a massage.

Everybody loves a hair massage and even a body massage. It slows your racing hormones and you are all relaxed and serene. Some people may visit spas and massage centers.

But you’re unable to go! Don’t worry, get the package of essential oils like rosemary, tea tree oil, and olive oil and massage it all over your body. The smell and the fragrance of the oil are just wonderful, and you can spray it around your hair and have a gentle massage.

Keep your gut healthy.

We all know about the gut-brain connection. They are like two inseparable lovers who can’t go away from each other. A healthy gut always keeps a healthy mind, and the release of good hormones is balanced.

Therefore, it is important to add or include those foods which are really helpful for strengthening your inner gut walls, so that the digestion process is smooth and the person feels healthy and fresh. You can also do one thing: you can switch to yogurt, or any good probiotic for your brain.

Do exercise

Exercise keeps your body in shape and your physical and mental health is balanced. Therefore, one must do exercise or yoga daily. It keeps your brain healthy and active. Excessive fat is burnt out and toxins are melted down and flushed out of the body.

There are several funny exercises that can promote a healthy mind and also the emotional balances are kept at the edge.

Wake up early

Early to bed and early to rise promotes health and wisdom! Therefore, it is advised that a person may wake up at an early hour because the atmosphere is all fresh and a cool breeze is flowing.

You can practice some meditation or chant some mantras in the morning time. It is an effective way of treating anxiety and the practice of mindfulness can make you bright and shinier throughout the day.

I spent some time under the sunshine.

Sunshine is the source of vitamin D. It is very important for our body as most of the cell functioning depends upon vitamin D. According to some studies, it was found that many severe brain conditions can be treated with vitamin D and it has also improved human health.

Journal Writing

If you want to get away from the feeling of emotional disorder, writing provides you with the free space you need to add value to your life.

You can also keep your words to yourself, and it is an indirect way of sharing your emotions and feelings.


Many people are unable to talk about their anxiety, and some people commit suicide because they don’t have the support or the guidance, or sometimes, they don’t know how to deal with anxiety.

Anxiety is not a condition to make fun of! Instead, we must give our moral support to those who are suffering from anxiety and help them recover from the anxiety by making them laugh, adding a better diet, and practicing mindful sleep.

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