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Lumonol (LumUltra) Reviews – America’s No.1 & “Favorite Nootropic”?

This Lumultra – Lumonol Review tries to find out why the heck this range of Lumonol – Lumultra products is considered America’s #1, Favorite & Best Nootropic supplements brand. We go deep into the brand ingredients, product range, reviews, pricing, and the benefits to see whether it does live up to the promises.

With the change of lifestyle, food habits, and a hectic work schedule, millions of people all around the world are facing difficulties with their focus, anxiety, fear, distraction, and poor memory.

Some of them face serious health conditions leading to situations that are capable of disrupting or even destroying their normal life.

The reason behind these conditions can vary. Various factors might be responsible, such as hormonal imbalance, genetic issues, medical conditions, poor diet, chemical imbalance, pollution, or simply an unhealthy lifestyle.

This is leading to lots of people trying to search for a supplemental solution – ie. Nootropics – for cognitive enhancement, enhanced memory’s power, greater focus, and overall increased mental ability.

There are many medications for memory enhancement available and this article is going to explore the Lumonol – Lumultra range- the most popular of them all.

This Lumonol (Lumultra) Reviews is to help you in understanding the facts and the real modern science behind this amazing and America’s Favorite nootropic.

America’s No.1 Brain Enhancer Lumonol Has Been Re-Named as LumUltra Since 2019!

Important Notice

Lumultra Review

Before we start up with our review on Lumonol, it is important to update you with the latest information about Lumonol so that you don’t get confused.

The manufacturer has notified that it’s the core product, Lumonol has been reintroduced as LumUltra with an improved formulation.

So, if you come across LumUltra while searching for Lumonol, don’t get confused as it is an upgraded version of Lumonol.i.e New Lumonol or Lumonol 2.0

Lumonol Review – What is It?

Lumonol Review

LumUltra is a capsule that has all the ingredients that science has shown to be key to a good memory, promoting your good mood and cognitive functions.

The chemical-free formulation of this supplement consists of one of the most potent and famous nootropics in the world, noopept. It is known for enhancing the mental ability of an individual.

This natural brain booster is mainly for those who are facing a hard time in concentration, focus, and memory recall.


Different Variants Of Lumonol

LumUltra is the core and primary product of the company. Most nootropic experts have reviewed it as the most prominent product to sharpen your cognitive functions.

It is actually the improved and upgraded version of  Lumonol. It is considered the most effective herbal supplement for memory in the world, helping upgrade functions of the brain, your memory and focus as well as processing speed of your Brain.

The other most prominent fact is that Lumultra, as well as all the other products in the Lumonol range, are manufactured by a GMP certified supplement manufacturer at an FDA registered lab in The USA.

Lumonol LumUltra Wisdom For Seniors

Lumonol LumUltra Wisdom is the most breakthrough supplement for elder people who face a natural decline in memory and mental ability.

It has received various positive feedbacks from existing users who have been praising it for providing memory as in their younger age. Made for 60 years young people it’s known to aid not protect precious memory but also sharpening of focus, increasing memory and focus as well as provide enhanced Energy Levels to Seniors.

It helps fight the frustrations of aging and brings back physical and mental vitality and alertness, helping you enjoy the greatest years of your life.

Lumonol – LumUltra Prep For Juniors

Lumonol LumUltra Prep amazing supplement is specially designed for children between the age group of 8-16 years. The rave responses received by it prove that it aids in unlocking the child’s true potential and helps them perform amazingly in their learning and academics.

It’s focussed on overachievers and those who are destined to be one, helping a child in problems of swinging moods, lack of focus, and inappropriate behaviors arising out of present complex technological and social situations.

Helps your child to achieve focus, Calm, and Enhanced Performance. It’s available as chewy and in three delicious flavors including Cherry, Orange, and Blueberry.

Lumonol – LumUltra Nova

LumUltra Nova is the world’s first product with a stellar combination of Caffeine, L-Theanine and Dopamine that delivers untapped energy and focus. According to the analysis by the experts, it is the best combination of energy and cognitive supplement.

Lumonol – LumUltra  Luna

LumUltra Luna is the first-ever sleep formula that is formulated to lead you to swift and calm sleep and you wake up fresh, sharp and alert in the morning.

While doing my research, I found quite a few feedbacks praising it for providing a fresh and energetic feeling start to the day.

Lumonol – LumUltra Brain Oil

LumUltra Brain Oil is a triple strength supplement that is filled with Omega-3 oil that nourishes the cells for proper functioning all day long. Lots of lab cognitive experts have been leaving rave responses about it.

Lumonol- LumUltra Game On

LumUltra Game On is another first-ever nutrient-centric formula that is specially designed for top-level gamers. According to most reviews, it consists of prominent ingredients that help in feeling enhancing focus for better performance.

Lumonol- LumUltra Smart Drink

LumUltra Smart Drink is the most amazing and unique variant of the Lumonol brand. If you are not willing to consume pills, then Lumonol Drink is especially for you. It is the first-ever morning brain drink that is prominent and also tastes delicious.

Lumonol -LumUltra Zen (ACV)

Claimed as the secret weapon for active professionals to remain calm, focussed, energized, and refreshed throughout the day.

Lumonol – Lumultra Zen works on lowering cortisol levels as well as blood sugar throughout the day.While increasing Insulin sensitivity.  It’s a Mind Calming supplement made of Ashwagandha, ACV ( Apple Cider Vinegar ), and 4 other natural ingredients.

Resulting in a more balanced, healthier, focussed, and less stressed, and happier you throughout the day.

Does Lumonol Work?: Well, talking about the effectiveness of it, the company claims that it is the most effective and best supplement in the market. But it is important that we find known evidence or report of the effectiveness or actual results of Lumonol.

Researching on the internet, I have found various Lumonol reviews that assure the effectiveness of it with the science behind the working of the supplement. But they could be people who are promoting it too.

Therefore, it was essential to get reviews and advice from actual users that I have hence mentioned later in this article.

Besides the effectiveness of any supplement also depends on the blend of its ingredient list. LumUltra has some powerful ingredients in its inventory that are well known for enhancing concentration.

How Does Lumultra work

According to the manufacturer, Lumonol is a perfect mixture of three nootropics that are nootropic for focus, and memory. They further claim that it works in three different stages to improve overall mental alertness.

Stage 1 includes anxiolytic properties that help in building undistracted focus. Through this process, LumUltra provides enhanced clarity and mood.

Stage 2 includes vasodilation that assists in increasing the blood flow in nerve cells. This helps in providing better motivation, and focus.

Stage 3 includes regaining the vision and direction of life. This final stage means that after improving your mental experience, that leads you to make the right decision and vision.

Lumonol / Lumultra Ingredients

There are three different types of pills supplied by LumUltra that work differently but combining all three gives you the perfect results. The Lumonol ingredients are nutrients like Alpha GPC that are commonly available in various foods for cognition enhancement.

Lumonol Energy Blend – Energy blend primarily focuses on memory and energy boost. The 375 mg of it included the blends of the following ingredients:

Hordenine: It is known for providing improved memory and intelligence

Guarana: It is commonly available in the energy drink, and due to the high consistency of caffeine, it enhances attention

Picamilon: It gives relief from anxiety and frustration

Vitamin B12: B12 vitamins for brain memory and concentration is one of the most commonly found ingredients in every FDA-approved limitless pill. It is an essential food component that raises memory and treating Alzheimer’s along with short-term memory loss.

Lumonol Memory Blend – Memory blend clears causes of brain fog and enhances the memorizing power of an individual. 285 mg of this capsule includes:

CDP Choline: It is known for increasing the blood flow in neuron cells that help in the mental functionality and energy levels

Ginkgo Biloba: Ginkgo Biloba in memory pills is a well known and most prominent herb that is known for functioning, combat dementia, terminates anxiety, and several other issues

Noopept: It is the most potent nootropic add-on that assists in enhancing the overall functionality by removing toxins and poisons.

Panax Ginseng: We all are aware of this ingredient. Panax Ginseng treats Alzheimer’s and improves cognitive function and mental experience.

Lumonol Focus Blend – Focus Blend helps you in remaining energy focus while studying, work or any other activity. The ingredients of this product are:

Acetyl L-Carnitine: Acetyl L-carnitine is considered as a plant of brain cells as it offers metabolism and production of energy. It provides relief from depression and Alzheimer’s.

L-Tyrosine: It is an amino acid that gives pretty relief from stress feeling and retaining the information.

Phosphatidylserine: This so-called ingredient is known to combat depression and improving the ability to think.

Lumonol / Lumultra Benefits

As per the manufacturer, their products are an effective supplement that has various benefits such as –

  • Relieves Stress
  • Enhance Cognitive Performance
  • Energy Boosts
  • Promotes Deep Thinking & Learning
  • It assists in focusing and concentrate
  • Stimulates Physical Endurance
  • Productivity Enhancement

Along with these pretty benefits, various other benefits are also available with the quality of ingredients used in this powerful brain’s enhancement.

Lumonol / Lumultra Customer Reviews: Without the review from the real users, no one can judge the efficiency of the products. While my research on it, I have gone through various websites to find genuine customer feedbacks.

The information that I got after an extended analysis was satisfying. The majority of customers found and recommended this brain’s supplement worthy and value for money. Here are some feedbacks from the actual users.

“This helped me in increasing my concentration and started maintaining a perfect balance between my personal and professional life.”

“I was suffering from severe mood swings, and LumUltra helped in providing relief from this condition.”

“I was addicted to a lot of ADHD drugs, but after the days finding Lumonol, I quitted it as it helped me remained focused.”

“It is amazing as now I can remember too much information and resources. Lack of which was ruining my life”

Pros & Cons:

  • The product is the creation of a reliable and experienced manufacturer
  • It does not cause any severe based side effects
  • Does not create an addiction
  • Improves overall memory’s functioning and cognitive performance
  • Finally -It offers enhanced concentration and focuses


  • The product cannot be found at physical stores and is only available online
  • In some individuals, it may cause some minor side effects

LumUltra / Lumonol Side Effects

Although the product is safe and lacks any side effects, some ingredients may result adversely in some individuals who are sensitive to those ingredients.

Guaran – The dosage of this ingredient may cause anxiety, dehydration, insomnia, stomach upset, rapid heartbeat, digestive problems.

Other components like Panax Ginseng – There are some other ingredients also, the high dosage of which may cause nausea, vomiting, high blood pressure, headaches, hyperactivity, and confusion.


Q - Is Lumonol bottle approved by FDA lab?
Yes, the official website mentions that the supplement has approval from the FDA lab.
Q - Is Lumonol safe for daily use by children?
Yes, it is an herbal product that works for every age group. Children can also use it to increase focus while studying.
Q - How to use Lumonol daily?
As per recommendation by the website, one should take two capsules a day. If your body is tolerant of the supplement, you can also consume four pills a day.
Q - Does it treats Alzheimer’s disease?
Well, the supplement does not primarily work for this condition, but some ingredients help in eliminating Alzheimer’s disease.
Q - Can I take this if I am an alcoholic?
No, it is the best brain-boosting supplement, and if you are alcoholic then it may cause adversely.
Q - Lumonol vs Mind Lab Pro vs Alpha Brain - Which one is the best?
Lot of people are searching for Lumonol alternatives and fortunately, there are two popular supplements in the market, Mind Lab Pro and Alpha Brain. I have compared Lumonol vs Mind Lab Pro vs Alpha Brain thoroughly to make your choice easy.
Q - Is Lumonol available at Amazon, Walmart or GNC?
No, the supplement is only available for sale online. You can buy it from the company’s website given below.
Q - What is the cost or rate of Lumonol bottle?
There are two packages of Lumonol supply, and the price for the packages varies from $47 to $110
Q - Is there any money-back guarantee or refund?
Well, most companies offer a guarantee but it is not disclosed on site.

Lumonol / Lumultra – Where To Buy?

If you have made up your mind and want to buy this product, then the best recommended place for you to buy it is from the main official website. Well, you can find it for sale on other websites but due diligence is required before placing your order.

Due to the popularity of Lumonol, many fake websites these days are promoting a fake product with a similar name and scam people. Therefore, it is best to buy Lumonol from the company’s website and reduce the chance of getting scammed.


My Final Verdict

While I was researching and writing this Lumonol analysis, I was quite impressed with this nootropic. A lot of ingredients used in the formulation, the science-based concept, clinical study, the consumer testimonials, and the price, it stands tall on all factors.

Therefore, there is no doubt that Lumonol also called Lumultra is one of the best options for those who are in search of the best brain enhancement pill. One need not hesitate if one is on the lookout for an effective Nootropic.


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