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Does Cognitive Enhancer Supplements Really Work?

After the movie limitless with Bradley cooper everyone is asking the same question, Do cognitive enhancer supplements work? When I started my research into nootropics I found a mixture of contradictions so I will explain the real truth.

Within the last 10 years, herbal treatment option with the purpose of enhancing cognitive function has been used across a very wide range of brain disorders. Since 2007 the use of cognitive enhancer supplements has been common across the USA and Canada.

Supplements like Mind Lab Pro and LumUltra are currently being used to overcome brain health conditions and memory improvement. Those suffering from attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) need cognitive-enhancing supplements to stimulate the noradrenergic and dopaminergic systems.

With this information, it’s safe to say that supplements such as nootropics can positively stimulate cognitive functions.

Do Cognitive Enhancer Supplements Work?

do cognitive enhancer supplements work

First of all the internet provides older clinical studies and new clinical data. A clinical study post online with PubMed (US Government Website) in 2011, clearly say the studies conducted on animals show proof that cognitive enhancers work.

2011 the Nation Library of Medicine states that there is evidence to support specific neurotransmitter systems and cognitive function stimulation via brain enhancer supplements.

2016 – An article from a cognitive neuroscientist explains his experience with cognitive enhancers while studying during his academic career. Drugs like Ritalin and Adderall are cognitive stimulants that are still being used to treat attention disorders such as ADHD.

Both of these prescription medications have side effects. I want a nootropic that is safe but works and a brand I can trust..don’t you?

What Makes A Nootropic Bad or Good?

When buying a cognitive enhancer supplement, there are a few things to consider. Follow this list below and you’ll know you are locating and buying a real nootropic product.

Guidelines For A Nootropic That Works

The best nootropic will…

  • Help protect your brain against physical or chemical injuries
  • Enhance your cognitive abilities even with certain health conditions
  • Enhances memory, concentration, focus while increasing your learning ability
  • Enhances both the subcortical and cortical portions of the brain to be effective

To determine which cognitive enhancers really work you’ll have to define a purpose first. Let’s say you want to enhance your memory and your learning ability so you can “CRAM” for a big exam. You’ll need a nootropic that will enhance memory and another that can enhance focus and learning.

My recommendation would be to take noopept because it’s stronger and more effective than many other nootropics for memory, learning, and focus all in one.

Next would be stacking noopept with Choline Bitartrate a powerful B complex. Together they are the best combination of nootropics to greatly enhance your need for learning and memory. There is no combination stronger!

So you see it depends on what you are looking for as there are many different combinations that focus on different things.

Which Cognitive Enhancer Supplement Is Best?

buy mind lab pro

When I researched the many of the different product types available online and their reviews it was clear to me that they were bias reviews to upsell products for profit. Posing as a consumer myself I soon realize that not all of these cognitive enhancer supplements were the same.

After researching a lot on heavily marketed nootropics I finally found a brand that I can trust is Mind Lab Pro. There are lots of good reviews for this product from real users. People stated that when they first started using this supplement, they noticed a minimal improvement in their memory.

But after regular usage for about 2-3 months, they started feeling fresh, energetic, focused and concentrated. Moreover, the supplement is formulated with all-natural ingredients that are safe and do not possess any type of serious side effects. If you want to get more information on this product, read our Mind Lab Pro review where I have explored this product unbiasedly.

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