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Procera AVH Review & Alternatives To This Out-Dated Brain Supplement

If you have been a big fan of nootropic supplements, you must have heard of Procera AVH brain supplement. Procera AVH was once the most popular and top-selling brain supplement in the market. But due to lack of upgradation with the market demand and new competitors, this supplement started losing its popularity.

But there are still some great fans of Procera AVH among us who are frequently searching for a supplement equivalently popular and effective as Procera was once. In this article, we are going to find out some top-selling brain supplements in the market today that are the best alternatives to Procera AVH. But before that let’s have a glimpse of what this brain supplement is and why it lost its market.

What Is Procera AVH?

procera avh review alternatives

Procera AVH is designed as a natural solution for forgetfulness, poor focus, brain fog, mental fatigue, and mood swings brought on by stress, aging, poor diet, and loss of sleep. It is apparently a patented doctor-developed non-prescription nutritional supplement formulated to improve clarity, mental performance, energy, and mood. The product is made of a propriety blend of ingredients that have been proven over 50 years to be safe and effective in improving memory and other brain functions.

How Does It Work?

It achieves its purpose through multiple mechanisms of action. The first thing it does is to increase the circulation of blood to and throughout the brain which is highly imperative for delivering more oxygen and essential nutrients that the brain needs for nutritional support. The supplement also augments the brain’s energy metabolism which leads to improved focus, memory, alertness, and other cognitive functions.

Moreover, the formula enhances the neurotransmitters which are worn out by the loss of sleep, stress, aging, and an unhealthy diet. The secret to the Procera supplement’s ability to wake up a sluggish brain is Vinpocetine, derived from vincamine which is a natural extract from the periwinkle flower.

It has been shown that vinpocetine energizes the brain by augmenting blood flow and by improving the brain’s uptake and utilization of oxygen and glucose. Its exceptional ability to enhance memory and mood, though, lies in its capability to restore depleting levels of the key neurotransmitter acetylcholine.

Recommended Dosage

The suggested daily serving size is four capsules a day which should be taken all at the same time with meals or snacks. When compared to other popular supplements available in the market, the recommended dosage of Procera AVH is quite high and hectic. Today we are available with brain-boosting shots that are more convenient and tasty to consume.

Why Procera AVH Lost It’s Popularity?

As I mentioned earlier, Procera AVH was a name in the brain supplement market that was stuck on the tongue of each and every one of us. No other competitor dare to match its popularity and demand but as it is said that with time, you need to upgrade yourself or you will be start getting neglected. The same happened with Procera AVH.

After ruling for over a decade in the market, some strong competitors started understanding the change in demand of the customers and they upgraded their product accordingly. The manufacturers of Procera were living with the myth that they can still cash out their deep-rooted popularity. They failed to upgrade their product and this started a decline in the demand for Procera AVH.

Recently, they relaunched the product with new branding and formulation but unfortunately, they are too late as by now there are various other supplements that have established themselves perfectly. Even the die-hard fans of the old Procera AVH are not turning on toward the new one and are looking for an alternative to it. Therefore, below I have listed some of the top-selling brain supplements that are perfect alternatives to Procera AVH.

Best Alternatives To Procera AVH

#1 – Mind Lab Pro

buy mind lab proMind Lab Pro is the best-selling and the most popular brain supplement in the market today, the same as once Procera AVH was. It is promoted as a Universal Nootropics with the powerful formulation of all-natural ingredients that are scientifically backed to help you in improving your mental cognition, focus, concentration, learning ability, and memory. Read Review OR Visit Official Website

#2 – LumUltra

buy lumonolAnother best alternative to Procera AVH is LumUltra. It was launched years back with the name Lumonol when Procera was on its in terms of popularity. LumUltra is marketed as America’s No.1 Brain Enhancement & Boosting Pills. Formulated with natural ingredients, LumUltra has a wide range of products for memory, focus, sleep, study, performance, and gaming. Read Review OR Visit Official Website

#3 – Onnit Alpha Brain

buy alpha brainAlpha Brain is a dietary supplement by a popular supplement brand Onnit. It is a supplement that is specially designed and formulated to improve your memory, focus, mental speed, and cognitive function. Again Onnit Alpha Brain has some quality supplements for your brain health such as pill and quick shots available in various flavors such as peach, blackberry, lemon, and others. Read Review OR Visit Official Website

#4 – Focus Factor

buy focus factorFocus Factor is one such supplement that is available in the market since the presence of Procera AVH. It was equally popular but gained immense popularity with the exit of Procera. Focus Factor initially had only one product that were pills. But with the change in market demand, they introduced other products like gummies and chewable supplements for kids. Read Review OR Visit Official Website

#5 – TruBrain

buy trubrainTruBrain is not a supplement rather it is a brain drink available in different shots. Being a convenient and tasty way to boosting your brainpower, it is designed and formulated by UCLA-trained scientists. Available in different color packaging, every pack has its own specialty of improving memory, focus, brain clarity, concentration, brain nutrition, and sleep. Read Review OR Visit Official Website

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