A lot of people today are suffering from difficulty in concentration, focus, distraction, poor memory, fear, and anxiety. While for most of the other people their scattered thoughts and ideas are not letting them to live their life happily. The reason might differ, but the condition is the same. Where some might be suffering this condition due to hormonal imbalance from birth while the reason for others might be genetic and environmental factors.

Are you also among one of them? Are you also forgetting things frequently, fail in remembering dates and events or unable to gather focus and concentration? Don’t get frustrated as you are not alone. According to the US Department of Health and Human Service, there are almost 63% of the country population, that are experiencing some sort of poor cognition.

Hi, my name is Matthew Swayne and I am the creator of We The Brainy. I created this blog so that I can help millions of people around the world who are suffering from a problem in brain power, fail to concentrate and focus on their work and people whom their low cognition is restricting them in their daily life. Here in this blog, you can find tips and ideas to enhance your brain power along with reviews on some of the best natural brain supplements.

What Causes Decline In Brain Power

Among the various causes of the decline in memory power, some common causes are aging, depression, stress, injuries, environmental causes, hormonal imbalance, and alcohol abuse. Each of these factors is severely responsible for affecting your brain power. Where environmental causes can be due to poor lifestyle, stress, depression and workload, memory loss due to hormonal imbalance is hereditary or by birth. Excessive consumption of alcohol and drugs is also a major reason for memory loss.

What Are Memory And Brain Supplements

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Brain clarity supplements, also known as nootropics are natural herbal supplements that are formulated to provide beneficial effects on the functioning of your brain. These powerful brain supplements are known to provide enhanced memory power, brain clarity, creativity, concentration, focus, alertness, and various other cognitive functions. The efficiency of these supplements lies in its ingredients. These brain MD supplements include various essential vitamins and minerals that are proven to be powerful in enhancing your brain power.

Do Nootropic Brain Supplements Help In Brain Repair, Injury, And Healing

If your brain power is lost due to some physical injury like an accident, then the condition might not be permanent and would be treatable. Well, in these cases mostly the doctors prescribe medication to avoid or overcome the situation of memory loss. But if talking about nootropic brain supplements, it is also proven powerful in repairing and healing the damaged brain cells due to an accident.

How Does Brain Enhancing Supplements work?

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Almost every brain development supplement works similarly by attacking the cause of memory decline. As we all know that our brain functions properly unless the nutrients are supplied through blood to our brain. Therefore, it is important that our blood circulation should be maintained normal for better brain functioning. The brain nootropic supplements work by increasing the blood circulation in our brain that helps in better brain functioning, memory, concentration, and focus.

Do Brain Supplements Really Work

If you want to find out the efficiency of any supplement, it is very important to checkout the ingredients that are used in its formulation. There are various brain MD supplements in the market but not all of them are effective. But generally talking about a nootropic brain supplement, the most common ingredients that could be found in strongest and ultimate brain supplements are fish oil, resveratrol, caffeine, phosphatidylserine, acetyl-L-carnitine, ginkgo biloba, creatine, bacopa monnieri, rhodiola rosea, and S-adenosyl methionine. These ingredients are very powerful and definitely work in enhancing your brain power.

Side Effects Of Brain Supplements – Are They Safe

When generally talking about all brain enhancing supplements, it would not be worthy to associate one type of products side effects with all other even though they do not possess it. There are some ultimate brain supplements in the world that are very safe and do not possess any side effects whereas there are also various less known supplements that are unchecked with clinical trials and may carry various side effects.

The safety associated with these brain supplements is dependent on its type, quality and quantity of ingredients used. When the ingredients used are 100% natural and used in a clinical concentration, then the supplement will be safe from possessing any type of side effect. Although on a broader way, use of some unworthy brain supplements may lead you to various harmful side effects like gastrointestinal discomfort, insomnia, headache, restlessness, tremors, fatigue and myalgias.

Are Brain Supplements FDA Approved

FDA or Food and Drugs Administration is a department of US government that provide approval to any medication or food products before entering the market for sale. Every medication has to get clinically cleared from the FDA before getting marketed. Although, FDA gives liberation from its certificate to herbal supplements and therefore most herbal brain supplements consider it as a loophole to bypass the FDA certification and market their unworthy products. Any top or best rated brain supplement will always get itself cleared from the FDA even though they don’t require it.

Do Brain Detox & Oxygen Supplements Work For College Students

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In today’s technological lifestyle, kids and teenagers are getting addicted to virtual games and social media that is severely affecting their brain power. These techno gadgets are reducing their memory power, focus, and concentration that is affecting their academic performance. There are some most effective brain supplements in the market that are specially designed to increase the concentration and focus of students. Ingredients like gingko biloba and fish oil used in these supplements are known to increase their memory power so that they can retain the data they learned.

How To Find Most Powerful & Clinically Proven Brain Supplements

It is not always an easy task to find out the best rated brain supplements as the market is flooded with hundreds of such supplements. That’s why I have created this blog where I present you my recommended supplements to make your job easy. Anyways, if you want to pick out the best brain supplement then it is important to checkout some facts. Check whether the supplement promises to deal with your cognitive condition, whether it fits in your budget and whether the ingredients used are safe for you or not. Choosing the supplement by considering these facts will definitely provide you with the best brain supplement.

Top Ten Best Rated Brain Supplements

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Making a list of top ten brain supplements needs deep research that is to be done considering various factors such as effectiveness, the potency of ingredients used, side effects, delivery of results, price and customer reviews. I have done this research and prepared the list for you. According to my research, top 10 supplements that fit in my list are InteliGEN, Lumonol, Brain Pill, Geniux, OptiMind, Alpha Brain, Adderin, NooCube, Mind Lab Pro and Smart X. You can checkout the complete detailed list and comparison by clicking here.

How To Buy Natural Brain Supplements? Can It Be Found Over The Counter

As we know that there are hundreds of brain cognitive supplements in the market. Some are available easily in your nearby store whereas some are only available for sale through their official website. There are many otc brain supplements that you can buy from your nearest medical store, but you cannot be assured that whether it really works or not. On the other hand, brain supplements that are only sold on official websites are the best option as you can find reviews on them so that you can judge its efficiency.

What Is The Best Brain Supplement On The Market – My Recommendations

As I prepared the list of 10 best brain supplements in the market, it doesn’t mean that supplements are similarly effective. That’s why I haven’t ranked them in my list. If I have to pick one best brain supplement, then I would say that it is not easy for me or it would be unfair with other supplements. But for you, I have picked 3 most ultimate and strongest brain supplements that I would surely recommend you to try atleast once.

Lumonol – One Of The Best Rated Brain Supplements

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Lumonol is a herbal brain supplement that is formulated with all the essential ingredients that have been proven scientifically to enhance memory power, promote concentration, good mood and improve cognitive abilities. What makes this supplement the best rated in the market is its concentration of noopept, one of the most powerful nootropic ingredients in the world. This memory-enhancing pill is specially designed for those who are facing a hard time in concentration, focus and memory recall. Checkout my review on Lumonol for more details.


Inteligen – One Of The Top Rated Brain Supplements

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Inteligen is an ultimate brain supplement that is specially formulated with 100% natural ingredients and essential nutrients that helps to speed up the brain functioning. The supplement guarantees you to increase your intelligence, focus, productivity, concentration, and memory. According to clinical studies made on InteliGEN, the ingredients included in it helps in generating the electrical impulse to strengthen the brain cells and maintaining the regular acetylcholine level. Checkout my review on Inteligen for more details.


Brain Pill – One Of The Best Selling Brain Supplements

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Brain Pill is a natural cognitive enhancer that is manufactured by one of the most renowned health care company, Leading Edge Health. The powerful concentration of essential ingredients formulated in this supplement helps in boosting working memory, improving decision making power, reduce stress, eliminate fatigue, improves learning skill and helps students to perform better. What makes this brain supplement a best-selling is the endorsement done for it by Ken Jennings, 74 games champion Jeopardy. Checkout my review on Brain Pill for more details.


My only purpose is to guide you in your search for best brain supplements and therefore first I sorted out 10 best brain supplements and next, to make your choice more compact, I picked my recommended 3 best supplements among them. You can also read the reviews of my recommended supplements where I have answered each and every facts and question related to them. Finally, the choice is all upto you and I am assured that you are going to find the best supplement.