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The 4 Best Natural Nootropics and Smart Pill Reviewed

Those who seek to have better cognitive performance along with better memory, focus and concentration in day-to-day activities can rely on the help of specific compounds for this purpose, the so-called natural nootropics. For those who are interested in the possibility of increasing their cognitive performance for their academic life or to be more successful at work will find all the information on nootropics to follow.

Best Natural Nootropics for Memory, Focus and Brain Power

Nootropics are compounds made from natural or synthetic substances whose central objective is to improve the performance of cognition on different fronts. Among the aspects that can be improved with the help of these compounds are a memory, focus, concentration, learning ability, reasoning among others.

One of the most essential characteristics of this type of compound is that it has no side effect in the body; that is, it has no toxicity or side effects. It should be noted that in the category of nootropics are both controlled-use drugs and natural supplements.

Explaining All About Natural Nootropics

Best Natural Nootropics
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The first time that term was coined was in the year of 1972 by Dr. Corneliu E. Giurgea that besides chemical also was the psychologist. The word has a root in Greek and means something like folding the mind. The meaning is precisely that it is a compound that offers the ability to bend the power of the brain without causing side effects.

However, it is essential to note that the supplements do not offer side effects while the drugs can indeed provide side effects. Currently, there are drugs with nootropic properties that are used to treat cognitive problems. The use of this type of medicine can only be done through prescription and medical follow-up.

Who Can Use Natural Nootropics Formula?: One of the main public that benefits from the use of nootropics is elderly with degenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s disease. Some patients with mental illnesses can count on the use of these compounds also in some situations. Learning disabilities that have been identified most frequently in recent years as attention deficit disorder (ADHD) have been successful with the use of this type of compound.

One of the groups that have made use of nootropics in recent times is that of students who are preparing to compete in public or competitive competitions that need to increase their ability to study. It is important to highlight the use of supplements and not drugs for diseases in these cases. There are some types of nootropics available in the market; below we will know some of them.

Mind Lab Pro –

Mind Lab Pro v4.0

Natural Nootropics For Memory, Focus & Productivity: Do you have problems with memorizing and difficulties in articulating your ideas in the work or academic environment? One solution for you is to know the Mind Lab Pro supplement that promises to develop your memory capacity at 120%. Besides, this supplement still offers the possibility to increase focus and have more energy to perform the tasks of day today.


To help you have a more powerful memory Opti Memory relies on natural and powerful ingredients such as biotin, betaine, vitamins (such as K, A, B1, C and E), potassium, magnesium and choline (which acts on the formation of the sheath of myelin which is essential so that the nerve impulses can reach the neurons).


Increased Cognitive Capacity – The main advantage of this add-on is the increased capacity to store information, which is essential for better memory and focus performance.

Focus – With the use of Mind Lab Pro, you will develop your ability to concentrate to have more mental clarity.

Improvement of Neurotransmitter Action – To deliver such powerful results in terms of the development of cognitive ability Opti Memory counts on improving the working capacity of neurotransmitters.

Preservation of Mental Power – From the age of 25 the human being begins to lose his cognitive ability, it is a natural process, but can be reduced with the help of the Mind Lab Pro formula.

Who Can Take Mind Lab Pro?

As it is a supplement and not an Mind Lab Pro medicine can be purchased without a prescription through the official website. It is suitable for people who wish to increase their cognitive ability in the corporate or academic environment. People who want to improve their memory capacity can also count on this supplement. As this is a supplement made from natural ingredients it has no side effects.

How to Age Mind Lab Pro?: The supplement is made from ingredients that act directly on the brain’s cognition ability to enhance its fluidity by making ideas more explicit. One of the goals of this add-on is to make your user more focused and still increase memory. The learning ability rises as a consequence of the actions of the supplement in the brain.

The dosage of Mind Lab Pro: The manufacturer’s recommendation is to have two Mind Lab Pro capsules taken each day in the morning. Regarding the time of use of the supplement, the manufacturer recommends that the interested party continue the use while he wants to keep his mind nourished and with increased cognitive capacity.

Warranty: The manufacturer of Opti Memory has full confidence in your product and therefore offers a 30-day warranty. This means that if the consumer finds that he has not obtained the expected results in that period, he can request a refund of his money.


Onnit Alpha Brain –

onnit alpha brain natural nootropics

Unlike the supplements we discussed above, Onnit Alpha Brain is a drug in a way that has side effects and can only be purchased with a prescription. The drug was developed to treat attention disorders and hyperactivity in children. However, the drug that used to be used only by the little ones started to be used by adults as well.

With the passage of time and the analysis of cases of adults who started to consume Onnit Alpha Brain can be observed a series of side effects of the drug. That is why it is fundamental that its use only happens when there is a medical recommendation for it. The question you should be asking yourself is why this medicine has gained so much space among adults, well…

Benefits of Onnit Alpha Brain: When we refer to benefits, we do not fail to consider that these same effects do not rule out the side effects of taking medicine without real need.

Concentration – The ability to focus on day-to-day activities such as studying, doing an elaborate job report or even organizing the home is essential to have good results. However, not everyone can perform their tasks with such assertiveness. Using large doses of Onnit Alpha Brain may increase your focus, but it is hazardous to your health.

Mental clarity – Another effect that people who take Onnit Alpha Brain notice is the increase in their mental clarity; that is, they are easier to solve problems that arise in the day today. We remind you that this medicine was developed for people who have issues such as hyperactivity and attention deficit, so it is natural to have this effect and that in people who do not have these problems can have an adverse action.

Intellectual Capacity – There is also the perception that Onnit Alpha Brain increases mental capacity, but we must emphasize that it is a sensation caused by the facilitation of calculations, solving problems, articulating words. The drug was developed to help people who have difficulty with this type of task, so it is natural to have this kind of effect.

Side Effects of Onnit Alpha Brain

Rebound effect – People who take Onnit Alpha Brain for a long time may have the so-called rebound effect when they stop taking medicine. it is the reduction of cognitive ability after stopping the use of the drug. Some patients realized that after stopping Onnit Alpha Brain, they began to perform calculations and articulate thoughts more slowly than they did before using the medication.

Dependency – Have you ever thought what it would be like to receive a superpower like a superhero and after some time lose it? Well, it’s more or less what happens to people taking Onnit Alpha Brain. The drug offers the user increased focus and problem-solving ability. However, it is only while the drug is being considered.

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Lumonol (LumUltra) –

Natural Nootropics For Memory & Cognition

lumonol natural nootrpics for focus

Natural Nootropics: One of the nootropic supplements that has gained more prominence in the market is the Lumonol that offers its users more focus, concentration, and memory. Indicated for people who want to amplify their cognitive capacities in the academic, corporate or even everyday environment.

The high differential of this supplement to increase the capacity of cognition is its formula in which ingredients such as folic acid, biotin, dietary fiber, calcium, magnesium, zinc, potassium, and selenium are present. The components are of natural origin, so they do not offer any side effect.

Benefits of Lumonol: Among the benefits that this supplement offers are:

Increased memory – The ability to store relevant information is enhanced by the action of Lumonol.

Focus – The supplement helps your mind stay free of information that is not relevant and makes room for more clarity in performing academic and work activities.

Mental clarity – In addition to contributing to more free space to store information, this nootropic adds to the clarity of articulating such information.

Reduces Cognitive Loss – Did you know that between the ages of 25 and 70 the human being loses about 60% of his mental focus ability? With the help of Lumonol, you can reduce this cognitive loss and stay active for longer.

Who Can Take Lumonol?

It is recommended for people over 18 years of age and because it is a natural supplement that nootropic does not need a prescription to be available. The sale happens only through the manufacturer’s website to avoid forgeries.

How to Age Lumonol?

The ingredients of Lumonol work by improving the performance of your brain in the most diverse cognitive activities. The work of the brain becomes more fluid and the ability to establish reasoning relationships as well as to store information is enhanced. Because they are ingredients of natural origin has no side effect.

Posology of Lumonol

The manufacturer’s recommendation is to take two capsules of Lumonol per day in the morning. The time of use of the supplement depends on how long you want to keep your mind nurtured and ready to face challenges of storing information.


By having full confidence in what markets the manufacturer of Lumonol offers a 30-day warranty. If in this period you do not feel satisfied and the product has not provided the promised results it is possible to get your money back.

NooCube –

Natural Nootropics For Focus & Concentration

noocube natural nootropics list

NooCube is one of the newest and most effective Nootropics legalized in Brazil, getting great reviews from its users, NooCube has come to be part of the story. With every new Nootropic coming up, it seems more and more that manufacturers outgrow it. With the introduction of high-quality measures and ingredients and technology, NooCube works by giving you more focus, energy, mental clarity, and concentration. One of the most important actions of the NooCube is to ensure that the end of failures and forgetting’s happen.

So NooCube is not only suitable for competition students, and people who need to improve their concentration at work, college or school, NooCube is ideal for those who are a little older and walks forgetting almost everything.


Although it seems simple, the composition of which B vitamins and which the manufacturer does not reveal antioxidants, what we know is that this powerful formula helps protect and recover the sheath of Myelin, a membrane that protects our neurotransmitters. Such protection of the Myelin Sheath promotes better communication between the neurotransmitters by giving more speed in the information and preventing memory lapses, as well as the weakening of cells and loss of functionality of this.

Who is indicated?

The NooCube is suitable for all those who need to improve their thinking, improve their studies, for everyone who needs more focus and concentration. But the results with older people have encouraged pharmacists, as these results have proved fantastic.

Benefits of NooCube: 

  • Increased body and mental energy
  • Improved clarity of reasoning
  • Concentration more focused and accurate
  • Strict reduction of memory loss


Worth it To Take Natural Nootropics Supplement

For those who do not have any problem of cognitive origin, but want to potentiate the power of your mind the recommendation is to give preference to supplements of natural birth. Medications for this purpose are specific for the treatment of diseases and can only be used by prescription.

Every medicine has side effects so that unless you have an illness to treat it, you should avoid taking them. The segment of supplements has grown dramatically in recent years especially those of use to increase cognitive ability. The method of naturally occurring ingredients that potentiate the action of the brain can be a way to have a sharper memory and more learning ability.

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