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The 9 Natural Focus Supplements to Boost Brain Power

Memory is the library of our lives; all our memories are stored in the brain; when you have a terrible memory and focus for whatever reason, this is very annoying. Some chemicals say they improve memory, but nature also offers us a healthy and natural alternative in the form of herbs. I give you three herbs that work best in my opinion and research: Herbs that are natural focus supplements, with one herb whose research results report that it improves your memory by up to 75%.

Natural Focus Supplements


Rosemary –

The topper of this list is rosemary. In ancient Greece, rosemary was already thrown in when students had to study to believe that this would improve memory. Rosemary is full of carnosic acid. Carnosic acid is the battle against brain damage caused by free radicals.

In short: Rosemary improves memory, relaxes and calms and stimulates blood circulation. There are several studies where use has been made of rosemary oil, and those studies proved that the users of the oil 60 – 75% better remember their future tasks than the placebo group. The result is that when you take the smell of rosemary to you, your memory gets a boost of 60-75%.

Bacopa Herbs –

Bacopa herbs for concentration and focus


Bacopa, also called Brahimi in India, has been used in India for centuries. Brahimi in Sanskrit means Consciousness & Wisdom. The herb stimulates your memory, helps you think, concentrate and helps with a clear mind.

Ginkgo Biloba –

Ginkgo Biloba as natural focus supplements

ginkgo biloba

This product can be found at any grocery store. Ginkgo Biloba stabilizes the structure of the brain and nerve cells and protects them against oxidative attacks from radicals. Through constant use, it even protects effectively against Alzheimer’s. Because Ginkgo Biloba stimulates blood circulation to the brain, the nutrients are transported more effectively to the mind. Ginkgo Biloba reduces mental fatigue, increases your energy and contributes to the maintenance of neurotransmitters in the nerve cells.

Ginseng Herbs –

Ginseng  herbs for focus and concentration


Ginseng is a typical example of a cigar from its own box. This plant releases energy by stimulating the adrenal glands and driving the adrenaline/cortisol system. Although that may be useful in certain cases, I recommend using Ginseng only under the supervision of a herbal therapist or expert.

Yerba Mate Herbs –

Yerba mate herbs to help concentration

yerba mate

Yerba Mate also has a large dot of caffeine, and also theobromine (the stimulant substance that we also find in cocoa). No wonder we like it and that traditional tribes in South America loved it – but not everything you get from far is good for you too.

Fucus Herbs

Fucus herbs as natural focus supplements


Fucus is used as a home medicine to ‘regulate’ the thyroid gland. However, that is a misunderstanding: it is not a regulator but a stimulator, partly due to the iodine present. And yes, you get more energy from a hunted thyroid gland – but I don’t have to explain to you that it’s a stupid plan to kick your thyroid gland if there’s nothing wrong with it.

Ephedra Herbs –

Ephedra herbs to help focus and concentration

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Ephedra was a popular smart drug in the party scene in the 1990s. The active ingredient ephedrine is similar to our own adrenaline; the herb stimulates blood circulation but makes it a bit too strong. After reports of heart attacks after using Ephedra, the herb has been banned in some countries. It is still available at your local smart dealer, but why would you.

Peppermint –

Peppermint as natural focus supplements

Peppermint is an essential oil in an aroma lamp or as a tea from the herb, Peppermint is both stimulating and ‘enlightening’; it helps to put everything together and to organize your thoughts. That is a difficult concept to test scientifically, of course, but in folk medicine, it has been used in this way for centuries (also think of the ‘Peppermint after the sermon’) and traditions often hold more truth than you think.

Velvet Bean Herbs –

Velvet Bean herbs for concentration and focus

Velvet Bean are seeds of a tropical plant, which contain a lot of levodopa (L-dopa). This is a precursor to the neurotransmitter dopamine, which among other things positively influences your decision-making. Handy if you have to make quick decisions about which data you want to include in your report or not. Moreover, dopamine is also seen as a sexually stimulating substance, so if you are still wondering what you should do with all that extra energy after finishing your work.

Holy Basil Herbs: 

Holy basil herbs that help concentration

Holy basil stimulates blood flow to the brain and stimulates cognitive function – thus a better ability to absorb, process and understand information. It is also traditionally used in meditation and prayer rituals, because of the strong effect on concentration and focus. Handy when meditating, but of course also just plain Western when completing your thesis.

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Our nature has given us thousands of herbs for the treatment of various health conditions. Similarly, numerous herbs help in our memory power enhancement and focus. But most of us are uncomfortable in using such herbs in raw form. Therefore they prefer to go with over the counter focus pills as they are easy to use and fast-acting. Lumonol memory supplement & NooCube are such prominent memory and focus pills that are effective, safe and recommended.

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Matthew Swayne

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