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How To Increase Memory Power In Students!

How to increase memory power in students? It is a question that is frequently searched and asked on the internet as well as in social meets. Being a parent of a 2-year-old kid, I was also trying to find an answer for it.

I was shocked when my son scrabbled with crayons on the table. As just a few days ago I have gone through the same condition and strictly told him that the table is not meant for coloring. We both cleaned it, and at that time I thought he must have understood it.

Either he forgot or maybe playing to irritate me. If he had forgotten, then this condition is normal in toddlers as they might be impulsive or because their memory is not fully developed. But if this is the condition with young kids or in teenagers, this is something serious.

[su_quote]Let me tell you that there is a short-term memory in our brain that makes us remember things, dates, events, name and many else. It is also known as working memory. This working memory is crucial to work fully with our kids as it helps them to learn, remember, recall and to solve problems.[/su_quote]

If your kid is also suffering from a similar condition, then its time to take action. Below I have listed some techniques that you can use on your kids to boost their memory power.

How To Increase Memory Power In Students With Visual Skills

visual skills for children
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Visualization skill works on the mind by creating an image in your mind of what are you thinking. For this, ask your child to develop a picture of what he just heard or read. For instance, you asked your kid to arrange the chairs for six people. It’s evident that immediately he must have started picturing the arrangement in his mind.

If the visualization skill is weak, he will take time to respond, or he might look confused. But practicing this skill regularly with new tasks every time will help him to improve his ability.

How To Increase Memory Power In Students With Reverse Teaching

Teaching or explaining any skill or topic makes your sense of informing more active, and you try to recall and explain what all you learned and know about that skill. This trick of teaching skills will help your kids to improve memory. Ask your child to teach you any new skill he learns recently.

For example, if he is learning how to dribble a ball in basketball then ask him to teach you the same. This will make him feel superior, and while showing you, he will explore his brain more to recall all that he learned and how his coach taught him.

How To Increase Memory Power In Students With Puzzle Games

Puzzle games ignite your mind to think and create a visual image that helps you to solve it. Puzzle games are one of the best options to improve your working memory. Give your kid some exciting puzzles and let them explain it on their own. Also, you can give them a newspaper page and ask them to circle out all “the” words on the page in 60 seconds. This will make them use their visual skill and memory to find the word.

Best Options To Improve Your Working Memory…

How to Sharp Memory for Students with Play Cards

There are some card games such as Uno, Crazy Eights, War and Go Fish that can help your child to improve their memory in two simple ways. Firstly, he will have to keep in his mind, the rules of the game and secondly he will need to remember that which cards others have played and which one he has.

How to Increase Memory Power in Students with Active Reading

Do you know why these days sticky notes and highlighters are so much favorite? Surely you will say to make essential things remember and recall. Same is with kids, ask your kids to use these instruments while they are reading their course book or something important they got known recently. This will help them to remember those crucial notes frequently, and they will be able to recall it easily whenever they need it.

Get Sharp Memory in Kids by Breaking Information

You must have noticed that hyphens are used in writing social security numbers and phone numbers. This is because of a psychological reason; it is quite easy to remember names in a small group rather than in a long string. Similarly, ask your kids to break the information or data they need to learn. This will help them to remember it easily and recall it faster.

How to Increase Memory Power in Students with Multisensory

Don’t get confused with multisensory as it is not at all related to multitasking. Multisensory means performing a task in various ways possible. This helps your long-term memory, and working memory keeps working. Perform this with your kids, give them a job and ask them to find out all possible ways in which they can perform it. This will not only boost their working memory; rather it will also help to empower their long-term memory.

Making Connections to Increase Memory Power in Students

Making connections between the information you want to remember helps you to store it in your mind for a more extended period, and you can recall it whenever you need. For example, if your kid isn’t able to remember the colors of the rainbow, ask them to form a name with the digits of those colors name. Such as, the first digit of all seven colors make it vibgyor, if it’s still hard to remember, you can turn it down to Roy G Biv.

Best supplements and brain food for kids: These memory boosting techniques are just a part of various ways to enhance memory power in your child. If performing these tricks don’t work to improve your kids working memory than it is better to consult a doctor or you may also check out supplements for students to help your kids raise brain power.

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