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Best Nootropics Stack

Which Is The Best Nootropics Stack On The Market?

It is a common fact that humans are just using about 10% of the overall brain capacity. However, the field of science is continuously looking for ways to find out what people are capable of doing once we make full use of that remaining 90%. Dr. Corneliu Giurgea, from Romania, invented the word “nootropics” in 1972 by combining the Latin words nous (mind) and trepein (to bend). These two words go well with the concept of nootropics, as these drugs are capable of bending the mind, thus increasing its vital functions, including the capability to focus and recollect. In this article, we are going to find out the best nootropics stack that you can use to improve your cognition.

Best Nootropics Stack on the Market

best nootropics stack

Nootropics have been around for several years now, and you may have heard them being called “smart pills”. They are the types of drugs that affect the mind in a manner that is enough to boost overall cognition. These can also increase physical strength and influence physical reactions such as stimulation and relaxation.

A lot of scientific research has proven that nootropics stack can improve the average person’s memory, personal motivation, confidence levels, and thinking process. Basically, these substances have astonishing effects on the body that almost all people can benefit from.

The main reason that nootropics work perfectly well is that they serve as an additive to the neurochemicals that are already inside the brain. These chemical substances can be many different things such as neurotransmitters, hormones, and enzymes, in which every one of them helps in improving vital cognitive functions. Aside from that, these smart drugs also help in increasing the flow of blood that is sent to the brain and thus increasing the overall nerve growth of the brain.

Benefits of Nootropics Stack

Nootropics stack helps in increasing the number of neurotransmitters present in the brain. When the neurotransmitters increases, the neuroplasticity of the brain also increases. At the same time, the levels of serotonin and dopamine start to get higher. All these effects contribute to the improvement of brain memory, the ability to focus, and various other cognitive features. Moreover, nootropics act as vasodilators, since they have the ability to increase blood circulation to the brain.

Nootropics are also called cognitive enhancers, brain enhancers, and brain supplements. These substances aim to improve the chemical balance of your brain so that they can give significantly better functionality. This can be done with a number of techniques, including the increase of oxygen supply to the brain, and the development of nerves in the cranial area. These smart drugs come in various forms such as pills, powder, and drink.

Feedback From Users


I have gone through various feedback available on forums about the results of using nootropic supplements. An existing user claimed that he feels incredible upon using the nootropics stack. He is not high nor wired, just clear. He may have yawned once in a while during the wee hours, but the mind still felt focused.

Another satisfied user said that nootropic is some sort of cognitive dissonance that she has never experienced before. She expected to be feeling exhausted at ten hours after taking the smart drug, but everything was still going well. She is certainly loving this supplement for the brain.

A lot of users who are taking nootropic supplements consider it to be one of the best decisions they have ever made. They want everyone around them to take the brain pills too, so they can experience the effects and enjoy the bliss of an unclouded mind.

Buying Nootropics Stack

Nootropics are herbal compounds backed up by many years of hard work, research, and testing. It consists of products that many scientists have confidence in to represent the next phase in brain stimulation and mind development. These nootropics stack from many different companies are tested and reviewed to provide the best results.

Who Should Buy Nootropics

These supplements are often used to treat individuals that are afflicted with cognitive or mental problems, although they can also be used for several other things. These brain supplements have actually been used to address Parkinson’s disease, Huntington’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, and ADHD.

As you look at the wide-ranging benefits that nootropics give to the brain, it is no surprise why these products are used to treat these illnesses and mental issues. In today’s times, people who are not suffering from these health issues have started taking nootropics too. These brain pills are able to provide many benefits to all kinds of people, plus their health benefits are almost endless.

Nootropics – Are they safe to use?

Nootropics are undoubtedly safe to be used. Since the drug has restricted interactions, it can be blended together at ease. Drug interactions and their side effects are least and not very addictive. They are recommended to be used for the long term and the neuro-protective qualities are said to lessen the brain damage that is brain aging owing to oxidative stress. However, you can discuss with your physician about its usage for your safety. Also, get the advice for the best nootropic stack that you can have.

What Are The Best Nootropics Stack


L-Theanine & Caffeine

This nootropic stack is being designed for average users and specifically for those getting into this drug and more of it. It should be taken on a daily basis that offers an energetic punch for those who are looking forward to getting their brainpower, mood, and energy without any side effects.

The best part is you don’t have to bother about any side effects in taking it with any food or related compounds. It can reduce your stress to a great extent and boost those who desire cognitive and neurological improvements. This is the best nootropic stack for beginners.

Choline and Inositol

Two commonly basic nootropics for cognitive ability are Choline and Inositol. The duo when blended plays a significant role in the functioning of neurotransmitters. Choline produces a neurotransmitter namely Acetylcholine which is said to improve memory and is known to prevent Alzheimer’s. On the other hand, Inositol popular for nootropic elements is known to treat anxiety as well as depression. It also helps in memory retention and is important for a healthy nervous system and brain functions.

Since the two nootropics for cognitive ability have such advantages, Choline and Inositol are almost available at any food outlet situated locally. Here it is to be mentioned that Choline doesn’t occur as a natural ingredient as Inositol and should be acquired from the diet. It is not too hard as Choline can be found in chicken, fish, almonds, eggs, and peanuts. So, ensure to include these stuffs in your regular diet.


The nootropics for study should be cholinergic by nature. So, looking for the best ones available might be a bit conflicting. There are people who believe dopaminergic as well as stimulants do the best for study. Although stimulants might boost you up yet they don’t contribute much to memory and learning.

Cholinergic is the best nootropic stack however is said to be an effective choice for study. They are said to be good compared to the dopaminergic. If you can intake cholinergic in conjunction with a healthy lifestyle with reduced stress and adequate sleep can bring a positive impact on your study and grade.


No nootropics list would be complete without acknowledging this family of cognitive enhancers. Renowned for its impact on memory, focus, and mental energy, piracetam has shown real laboratory results in addressing issues related to cognitive decline. Many experienced nootropics users stack piracetam and related compounds with cholinergic for maximum effect.


Leading the next generation of nootropics, noopept is related to piracetam in its mechanism of action but has shown substantially higher potency. In Russia, noopept is regularly prescribed for individuals experiencing cognitive decline and research indicates that the compound has significant neuroprotective benefits.


This compound already exists in your body, serving as a critical component in mitochondrial processes. Nootropics users have found that supplementing with ALCAR provides benefits to cognitive ability and fatigue.

PRL 8-147

Research into PRL-853 and associated compounds indicate the tremendous impact on working memory (an improvement as high as 31% in animal models), making it possibly the most effective nootropic available. Trials in humans show notable improvements in word recollection tests relative to placebo.


This compound is derived from the B vitamin thiamine. Research has shown positive benefits on memory and mental energy, with the added bonus of reducing fatigue related to cardiovascular exercise. This effective supplement should be in everyone’s nootropic stack.

Herbal Supplement For Nootropics Stack

buy nootropics stack

When we talk about stacking nootropics to aid different areas of brain health and cognition function, it is better to research in deep so that you don’t buy different brand supplements with the same ingredients and benefits. I know it is difficult to create a custom nootropics stack. But what about if you get products for different focus in one place?

LumUltra is one such popular brand that offers a wide range of supplements for adults, kids, memory, focus, mood, performance, gaming, and a lot more. With these products, you can create an ultimate nootropics stack. Check my review on Lumultra and its other products.

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