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4 Nootropic Supplements for Social Anxiety

Top 4 Best & Pure Nootropics For Your Mental Boost & Performance

An important part of a healthy lifestyle is not only to take care of your physical body but also your brain. Every day we fight stress and potential anxiety as we are stimulated by the fast-paced rhythm of our day-to-day activities. In order to keep our focus and memory capability at optimal levels, research has shown that consuming certain pure nootropics will enhance your brain health and keep your memory sharp.

With a broad range of available minerals, vitamins, herbs, amino acids, all available in different combinations, it is important to know which supplements for memory are best to increase your concentration and attention. Before we find out the 4 best and pure nootropics, let’s have a look at the major ingredients used in the formulation of these supplements.

Top 4 Pure Nootropics – An Overview

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Ingredients Use In Pure Nootropics


One of the world’s oldest plants, originating from China, is very well known for its memory-boosting benefits. By using ginseng extract, you can noticeably increase your memory capabilities by stimulating verbal skills and visual recognition. It is also used to relax the nervous system of the body, thus lowering stress levels and making you more resilient to daily challenges.

Ginseng works by reducing the stress hormone cortisol, giving you more energy which allows the brain to work at a better capacity – you focus and remember information more effectively. When looking at pure nootropics, this would be a useful addition to the ingredients list.


This natural compound is known for its significant memory boosting, optimizing concentration, and sharpening focus. Synthesized from choline, it does wonders for brain energy and is used regularly to treat age-related memory loss and dementia along with Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease. Citicoline works by protecting the supplements for brain processes from aging and increasing its energy levels.

Acetyl-l-Carnitine (ALC)

This amino acid works by creating acetylcholine, an important neurotransmitter that your body uses for learning, improved memory, and a wide range of other essential brain functions. As a powerful antioxidant, it stops cell damage in the brain, thus slowing down the memory aging process.

It also elevates serotonin and norepinephrine, neurotransmitters that lower depression by increasing your energy levels and keeping you in a good mood. It is used in many pure nootropics for anxiety. The most significant effect of ALC is mental clarity improvement along with boosting your processing speed and memory.  It is often found in natural supplements for joint pain as well so is an important compound.


This main ingredient of the Indian spice turmeric has many health benefits. It increases dopamine and serotonin, brain chemicals that make us happy. Not only an antioxidant but also an anti-inflammatory substance, it reduces brain inflammation and increases memory capacities. Curcumin is a natural supplement that can be used as a dried powder, fluid extract, or a tincture.

Alpha GPC

Alpha-Glycerophosphocholine (GPC) is a form of choline – one of the most important nutrients for healthy brain development and functioning cells. It is well known for its benefits in learning and memory enhancement.

Once in the brain, it forms brain cell membranes and has the potential for new cell growth. GPC also increases your dopamine, serotonin, and gamma-aminobutyric acid, making you more relaxed, thus ensuring easier remembering and better focus.

If you wish to stimulate your mind, increase your mental clarity, and lower stress levels, supplements for memory are a way to go. Keep in mind that maintaining a healthy lifestyle by eating right and exercising will make the supplements work at an optimal level by sharpening your focus and helping you improve memory, learning capabilities, and verbal and visual skills.

Top 4 Pure Nootropics On The Market

With a wide array of products at your fingertips, be sure to pick the one that is the best fit for you personally. If you are opposed to synthetic and chemical materials that come with the majority of prescription drugs, there are other options available.

Nootropics are mostly made of natural plants, herbal extracts, and oils, with added vitamins, making them safe to use. It is, however, always important to check all the ingredients and instructions to use. To make a decision more easily, here is a list of the top 4 pure nootropics on the market today.

Mind Lab Pro

mind lab pro

A powerful nootropic that offers benefits against memory loss and better information processing along with an enhanced mental capacity. It is a safe supplement combined with vitamins B6, B9, B12, Ginkgo Biloba, pantothenic acid, and BioPerine (extracted from black pepper). Not only useful for a better mental capacity but also beneficial for your energy levels and optimal physical activity and one of the leading brain enhancement pills.


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This brain booster consists of a natural blend of supplements to stimulate your brain activity using vitamin B6 and B12, ginkgo, vinpocetine, acetyl-L-carnitine, and Huperzine A. It increases your mental sharpness and problem-solving skills while relieving anxiety and lowering levels of stress.

Onnit Alpha Brain

buy alpha brain

With a very wide range of beneficial ingredients, this all-natural supplement improves both short-term and long-term memory function. Along with B vitamins, there is tyrosine, vinpocetine, Bacoside A, and caffeine to boost your brain. This pill, along with the provided advantages for your focus and mental sharpness, offers a wide array of vitamins vital for your general well-being.


buy noocube

With an extensive list of happy customers, it helps to enhance learning capabilities and increase mental clarity by improving blood flow to the brain, resulting in a better mood and boosted productivity. It is a natural product, composed of 11 ingredients, including citicoline, phosphatidylserine, and vincristine.

By knowing which areas you wish to improve, you can benefit greatly by using natural boosters to improve your cognitive functions, increase memory, sharpen your focus and improve your overall mental and physical health.

By increasing blood flow, nootropic supplements can and will improve your mental acuity, along with ensuring a high level of focus and concentration in your daily activities. Keep in mind, of course, that supplements work much better if you’re eating right, exercising, drinking plenty of water, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

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