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TruBrain Reviews 2024 – Popular Nootropic Drinks

With every passing week, we notice a new nootropic supplement striking the marketplace. Most of them are just rubbish, while others are not as worthy. Therefore, only few of them are left that are popular, effective and result oriented. Here on We The Brainys, we have covered plenty of most prominent brain supplements in the market and continuously adding the new one as we found any good one available. TruBrain reviews is one of the new addition in my nootropic reviews stack.

Though, TruBrain is a new addition in my review stack, but it is not a newly born in the nootropic market. Rather we noticed this amazing and one of it’s kind nootropic supplement, pretty late. A lot of talk, discussion and marketing attracted me toward this range of brain supplements. I am referring it as range of brain supplements because it has varied types of supplements available in the form of drink, capsules, bar, and powder. So let’s find out more about this nootropic supplement.

TruBrain Reviews: An Overview

TruBrain is an amazing supplement with a powerful blend of minerals, amino acids, nootropics and various other nutrients. The supplement is available in various easy to use forms such as drink, powder, bars and pills, that are manufactured by the two best neuroscientists, Dr. Aida Attar and Dr. Andrew Hill. These supplements are known to boost up your mental performance, precision and concentration.

The products offered by the TruBrain brand, other than capsules, are quite popular into the nootropic market due to their unique and world’s 1st nootropic drinks and bars. Also the brand offers a unique type of nootropic supplement, brain fluid sticks, that are formulated to boost up your daily coffee. All these varied types of supplements are professionally formulated by authentic neurologists, scientists and physicians.

TruBrain is a prominent brain booster formula that is formulated with 100% natural ingredients that include neurochemical regulators, cognitive enhancer herbs and nootropic nutrients to provide an improved brain functioning, cognition and concentration. Overall, it is a unique and one of it’s kind brain supplement that has something for every brain boost seeker.

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Range of Products

trubrain drinks

TruBrain Think Drink: It is a unique form of nootropic supplement drink that is available in ready to use shots pack. Being tasty and delicious, it helps in boosting mental performance.

TruBrain Pills: Formulated with active nootropic ingredients, this traditional form of brain supplement helps in providing memory boost, improved concentration and focus.

TruBrain Snack Bars: Being a healthy source of caffeine, healthy fats and nootropic ingredients, this snack bars is a tasty substitute for our daily snacks available in chocolate flavor.

TruBrain Brud Sticks: Brud Sticks are unique and world’s 1st brain fluid sticks that are mixed up to boost our daily coffee and provide improved mental performance and cognition.

TruBrain Powder Sticks: These powder sticks are also one of their kind nootropic supplement that are available in ready to mix and drink sticks to upgrade working memory and output.

TruBrain Ketones: This is powder form of nootropic supplement is used to drink by mixing in water. Every scoop of this powder supplement you with 12g of ketone body.

TruBrain Ingredients

trubrain ingredients

Though TruBrain is available in range of supplement forms but all of them share almost similar ingredient list. Although, the concentration, potency and state of use can differ, but overall the active ingredients are same. Here is the list:

  • Magnesium
  • Piracetam
  • CDP-Choline
  • Tyrosine
  • Carnitine
  • Oxiracetam
  • Theanine
  • DHA
  • Acetyl L-Carnitine
  • Natural Sweeteners

TruBrain Benefits

The main function of the TruBrain supplement is to provide you brain a mental boost, but there are some other benefits associated with the use of the supplement:

  • The supplement helps in increasing the brain energy and memory
  • It helps in improving the mental clarity and focus
  • Helps in reducing anxiety and stress
  • It also helps in eliminating brain fog
  • The supplement helps in enhancing creativity, productivity and reasoning ability
  • Also you get a boost in your perception and learning capacity

How Does TruBrain Work?

does trubrain work

TruBrain helps in boosting your cognition level in various ways. The powerful ingredients used in the formulation helps in increasing the blood circulation in to the brain cells. Due to this improved circulation, the brain cells are charged up with the extra boost of oxygen and glucose. This results in increased metabolism and brain plasticity.

Ingredients like citicoline and carnitine helps in breaking down the fatty acids and glucose to fuel up your neurons with acetylcholine. It also makes your acetylcholine receptors sensitive, boosting the communication between the neurons.

Advantage and Drawbacks –

  • The supplements are backed and manufactured under the supervision of renowned neuroscientists
  • All the active ingredients are backed with evidences
  • It is available in various forms, drinks, capsules, bar and powder, convenient for everyone
  • Majority of reviews and feedbacks are positive
  • The price is also affordable compared to other similar products
  • The supplements are free from major side effects

Drawbacks –

  • The company fails in moderating the sugar level
  • There are few issues with shipping, billing and customer services

TruBrain Side Effects

Trubrain Reviews: The company claims that TruBrain nootropic supplement is free from any sort of side effects. But, no supplement has zero side effects as every individual has different physic. Although, it is also true that there are zero chances of major side effects. There are some mild side effects like headaches, dizziness and irritation that could appear due to combining the supplement with following medications:

  • High blood pressure medication
  • Thyroid medication
  • Levadopa
  • Melanoma
  • MAO inhibitors
  • Thyroid issues
  • Stimulants
  • Graves disease

How To Use: TruBrain supplements are convenient and easy to use. Here are the usage details

TruBrain Think Drink: The drinks are available in single shots pack, therefore you need to drink 2-3 shots daily as per your requirement for boost in performance and energy.

TruBrain Capsules: The capsules are usual nootropic pills that can be taken 3 times a day, after meal.

TruBrain Snack Bars: These chocolate bars are meant to be consumed as substitute for your daily snacks.

TruBrain Brud Sticks: These world’s 1st brain fluid sticks are meant to be mixed in your daily coffee.

TruBrain Powder Sticks: These powder sticks are meant to mix and drink in water once or twice a day.

Trubrain Reviews & Complaints

trubrain reviews

The market presence of TruBrain is of 7 years and a product with such a long presence is obvious to receive lots of mix-up reviews. But the case is different with TruBrain. Majority of reviews on online platforms like Amazon, are positive and encouraging. The supplement has received above 70% of 4 stars on Amazon. Also the supplement has scored quite impressive on BBB (Better Business Bureau). The brand TruBrain has been rated with B and received overall 2.86 ratings out of 5, and that is not bad at all. Although, some customers and users have complained about the poor experience with customer service, delivery and billing.

TruBrain Scams

The manufacturer claims that TruBrain has gone through EEG analysis and 3rd party clinical tests to check the effectiveness of the product. As per the research report stated by the company on the official website, TruBrain increases the activity of alpha brainwaves, improve memory, learning and verbal fluency.

Although, you cannot found any link on the official website for the research report claimed by the company. But the company has mentioned studies conducted on the individual ingredients used in the formulation of the supplement to prove that they are effective.

Common FAQs

Are there any TruBrain reviews on Reddit?

Yes, it is a popular product and you can find plenty of reviews on reddit and other similar reviewing and blogging platforms.

Is the supplement legit and FDA approved?

Yes, there is no doubt that it is a legit supplement. Also the supplement is duly approved from the FDA.

Is there any coupon or discount code for TruBrain?

Yes, the company is currently offering 10% off on their products on subscribing for membership.

Is TruBrain FDA approved?

Yes, TruBrain is duly approved and tested in the FDA sectioned laboratory.

Does TruBrain have caffeine?

Yes, the supplement drink contains caffeine to boost your focus and concentration.

How do you drink TruBrain?

TruBrain are available in single dose sachets that you can drink at once.

Do TruBrain offers free trial?

Yes, the company offers 10 days free trail.

Is there any refund policy?

The company is so much confident about their product that they don’t offer money back guarantee. Although, they have refund policy for their membership plan. You can cancel your membership within 10-days of trial.

TruBrain vs Alpha Brain

trubrain vs alpha brain

There are very few or I must say, couple of nootropic brands that have such a varied range of nootropic products. One such brand is Onnit Alpha Brain. Similar to TruBrain, Onnit Alpha Brain also has nootropic supplements available in the form of capsules, drinks, powders and bars. Both the supplement shares impressive ingredient list, renowned brand name and ratings, but overall, TruBrain’s all products have been proven to be result driven.

TruBrain Cost

  • TruBrain Think Drinks – The price for 20 shots is $49, 30 shots is $65 and 60 shots is $125
  • TruBrain Snack Bars – 12 bars pack costs $49 & 24 bars pack costs $65
  • TruBrain Capsules – 90 pills bottle costs $125
  • TruBrain Ketones – Monthly pack costs $59
  • TruBrain Powder Sticks – 30 sticks pack costs $55
  • TruBrain Brud Sticks – Monthly pack costs $25

Where to buy TruBrain?

TruBrain is one such popular and readily available supplement that can be found online and over the counter stores without being prescribed by the doctor. It is always best to buy it from the official website, although being available in Amazon. Because with official website, you get special offers and discounts that are not available for buyers on Amazon and over the counter.

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TruBrain Reviews: My Final Verdict

trubrain discount code

I have reviewed plenty of brain supplements, but frankly speaking, I have never come across such an impressive nootropic supplement that is available in varied forms. Although the supplement shares a prominent ingredient list and has also delivered prominent results, what has impressed me a lot about this supplement is it’s availability in varied forms.

The supplement is available in drinks, snack bars, powder, and capsules, which proves that you cannot go with empty hands once you reach TruBrain. Although it has some issues and complaints with billing and shipment, that’s not a serious issue for which we can exclude this impressive brain supplement. Overall, TruBrain has something for everyone and is a must-buy nootropic.

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