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Focus Factor vs Prevagen vs Neuriva featured

Focus Factor vs Prevagen vs Neuriva 2024

It is quite easy for us to sort out a couple of the best ones from the bunch of supplements. Most hectic job starts when we have to pick one out of two or three supplements we have sorted out. This comparison on Focus Factor vs Prevagen vs Neuriva is all about exploring the three most talked about brain supplements on the market. So let’s find out which is the best brain supplement for you.

Focus Factor vs Prevagen vs Neuriva – What Are They?

focus factor vs prevagen vs neuriva

About Focus Factor

Focus Factor is one of the most popular brain supplements that is formulated with 100% natural ingredients. The supplement is enriched with essential herbs, minerals, amino acids, and vitamins.

It is marketed and manufactured by a popular supplement brand, Factor Nutrition Labs that is known to produce some quality supplements. Focus Factor is available in various forms such as capsules and gummies for those who hate swallowing pills.

Even it uses different formulations for adults and children. As per the official claim, the company has sold over four million bottles to date. Read our unbiased review on Focus Factor for detailed information.


About Prevagen

Prevagen is another popular brain supplement that is specially designed and formulated for the elderly, over the age of 55. The supplement is formulated with clinically proven active ingredients.

These ingredients are proven safe and effective in countering memory and cognitive-related issues caused due to aging. Prevagen is available both over the counter and online without a prior prescription from the doctor.

The supplement was launched around the same time as Focus Factor and since then it has gained immense popularity and helped thousands of people suffering from memory issues.

About Neuriva

Neuriva is a new entrant in the brain supplement market that was launched a few years back. In a very short period of time, the supplement has gained immense popularity and attention due to its huge claims.

Neuriva is claimed to be the fastest-acting herbal supplement that starts working within just an hour. This claimed feature has made Neuriva a talked-about supplement among nootropic users, the health industry, and bio-hackers.

The supplement is manufactured by Schiff Vitamins, a popular brand that has also produced popular supplements like Move Free and Airborne.

Focus Factor vs Prevagen vs Neuriva – Comparing Company Reputation

focus factor vs prevagen

Focus Factor: The company behind the production of Focus Factor is Factor Nutrition Lab. It is quite possible that you might have heard of this company because it is known to produce some quality supplements in the past. Its brain supplement sector is promoted with the slogan, “Feed your Einstein”.

Prevagen: Prevagen is manufactured by a renowned supplement company, Quincy BioScience. The company is based in Wisconsin, USA. Though the official website of the company is quite outdated but their products are quite effective and popular in the market, backed with a huge customer base.

Neuriva: The company behind the production of Neurive is one of the oldest available supplement companies today. Schiff Vitamins has produced a lot of health supplements since its establishment. The company claims to produce 100% naturally formulated supplements that are backed and proven by scientific researches.

Winner – Neuriva

Focus Factor vs Prevagen vs Neuriva – Comparing The Ingredients

focus factor vs neuriva vs prevagen

Focus Factor: Focus Factor carries one of the most prominent and impressive ingredient lists with 40 herbal ingredients used in the formulation. The premium blend of ingredients includes Dimethylaminoethanol, L-glutamine, Bacopa monnieri, grape seed extract, huperzine-A, boron, inositol, and L-pyroglutamic acid.

Prevagen: Prevagen is a brain supplement that carries the shortest ingredient list as it includes one major ingredient in the formulation, Apoaequorin. This powerful ingredient is clinically tested and proven to deliver a positive effect on brain health. Other secondary ingredient includes Vitamin D.

Neuriva: Similar to Prevagen, Neuriva also carries a short ingredient list that includes only two major ingredients used in the formulation, Coffee fruit extract, and Phosphatidylserine. Along with these two, some other ingredients used are rice bran, hypromellose, microcrystalline cellulose, and silicon dioxide. [focus factor vs neuriva]

Winner – Focus Factor


Focus Factor vs Prevagen vs Neuriva – Comparing The Dosages

Focus Factor: Dosage of Focus Factor is quite high and gulpy as you need to consume 4 pills a day with your food. You can exceed the dosage to a maximum of 8 pills a day and not more than that.

Prevagen: The daily dosage of Prevagen is very convenient and easy as you need to consume only a single pill a day. This makes Prevagen the right choice if you consider dosage a priority.

Neuriva: Similar to Prevagen, Neuriva also has a very simple and convenient dosage. With Neuriva, you just need to consume a single pill a day after taking your food.

Winner – Prevagen

Focus Factor vs Prevagen vs Neuriva – Comparing Side Effects

prevagen vs neuriva

Focus Factor: Focus Factor is promoted as the safest brain supplement but it is quite hard to say that it will not deliver any side effects as it consists of 40 ingredients. Although, no user has reported about experiencing any type of side effects to date.

Prevagen: Talking about the side effects of Prevagen, it is quite hard to say that how much safe this brain supplement is. Though the supplement uses limited ingredients, but all the ingredients used in the formulated are not scientifically proven or tested.

Neuriva: Neuriva uses some of the most organic ingredients such as Phosphatidylserine and coffee fruit extract, therefore it is possible that you may not experience any severe side effects in your body with the use of this brain supplement.

Winner – Neuriva

Focus Factor vs Prevagen vs Neuriva – Comparing Customer Reviews

focus factor vs neuriva

Focus Factor: Focus Factor is a very popular brain supplement that has received plenty of good reviews from real users. Lots of users have reported that they experienced positive changes in their memory, concentration, focus, and mood. People have rated it with 4.3 stars on various platforms including Amazon.

Prevagen: Though Prevagen has received lots of reviews from the real users, the reviews are mixed up as some praised it while others complained that it didn’t work for them in any form. The supplement has received an average rating of 3.5 stars out of 5 with most of them gave it only one star.

Neuriva: Neuriva is produced by one of the oldest available supplement company, therefore it is obvious that the company must have a huge customer base. Though Neuriva is promoted with huge claims, the supplement has received lots of negative reviews. It has been rated with 3.6 stars on various platforms.

Winner – Focus Factor


Focus Factor vs Prevagen vs Neuriva – Comparing The Cost

Focus Factor: A single bottle of Focus Factor containing 60 pills costs $14.99 which means $0.25 per pill. Therefore, a single daily dose of Focus Factor (4 pills) costs you around $1.00.

Prevagen: A single bottle of Prevagen containing 60 pills costs you $74.95 which means $1.25 per pill. Therefore, a single daily dose of Prevagen (1 pill) will cost you around $1.25.

Neuriva: A single bottle of Neuriva contains 30 pills that cost you $32.99 which means $1.10 per pill. Therefore, a single daily dose that includes one pill a day costs you around $1.10.

Winner – Focus Factor

Focus Factor vs Prevagen vs Neuriva – Which One Is Better?


What should be an ideal brain supplement? A supplement that includes essential ingredients like bacopa monneiri, ginkgo Biloba, cognizine, L-tyrosine, phosphatidylserine, and few others.

Along with ingredients, an ideal supplement should be affordable, effective, and must have received a good number of positive reviews. Considering these factors criteria, frankly, none of these supplements actually stands tall.

Outside these three supplements, Mind Lab Pro is one such supplement clearly wins on all these criteria. You can read out the review on Mind Lab Pro for more information on this amazing brain supplement.

But here we have to choose a winner from these three supplements and as per me, Focus Factor is better than Prevagen and Neuriva as it has more prominent ingredients, more satisfied customers, and of course, it’s affordable. You can check our detailed comparison of Top 10 alternatives to Focus Factor, compared one-on-one.


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