Are you in search of a precise, comprehensive and honest Brain Pill Review? If it is so, then you reached the right place. In this Brian Pill review, you are going to discover what is this memory pill, why it is different from other nootropic supplements, why it is rated among top memory pills and finally whether this smart pill really works or it’s just marketing hype. So without wasting any time, let’s start exploring this fantastic brain enhancement supplement.

What Is Brain Pill?

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Before starting, let’s make it clear that Brain Pill is natural cognitive enhancers and therefore this makes it fall into the category of nootropic. If you have used nootropic supplements in the past, then you must be having quite good knowledge about what this limitless pill is all about.

The most important thing is that Ken Jennings, a known personality is endorsing this memory pill. Ken is the champion of 74 game Jeopardy. There is no doubt that he is brilliant and great IQ man and therefore if he is backing any supplement, then there must be something important about this smart pill that is making it best brain supplements.

Who Manufactures Brain Pill?

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Brain Pill is the creation of a Canadian company, Leading Edge Health. The headquarter of the company is in the Elizabethton city of United States. It is claimed by the company that it has the experience of manufacturing various natural supplements for over two decades. Two most renowned products of the company are Skinception for skincare and GenF20 for hormonal growth. According to the manufacturer, they have gone through in-depth research and analysis before manufacturing brain nutrition supplements. The ingredients used in formulation includes the best vitamins for brain and herbal brain boosters.

Manufacturer’s Claim About Brain Pill

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Like other companies, Brain Pill’s manufacturer has also made numerous claims about their memory pills. There is no doubt that every company praises their product as best supplements for brain health, but the thing is that what percentage of their claims are real. Let’s find out what they claim about Brain Pill.

    • Helps in boosting working memory
    • Improves the effectiveness of decision making power
    • Helps reducing stress
    • Eliminates fatigue for better functioning
    • Enhances the capability of learning new skills
  • It is the memory pills for students to perform better at school

How Does Brain Pill Work?

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The brain is the central processor of our body as it gives the command to every part of our body to act as you require. Our mind works non-stop and is an automatic system. If an individual is healthy, then his brain will never stop functioning. The brain only stops working when you are dead.

In this part of Brain Pill Review, we are going to find out how this intelligence pill works. With the help of powerful and superior blend of herbal brain boosters and best vitamins for brain, Brain Pill works as the natural brain stimulants to increase the overall functioning of the brain. Lots of brain health supplements fail to work as our mind is guarded by a blood-brain barrier that allows the entry of selected substances.

There is one such ingredient called Gingko Biloba included in the formulation that is capable of entering the blood-brain barrier. This substance also facilitates the transportation of other vital ingredients into the brain. As these ingredients are into your brain cells, they work in collaboration with each other to rejuvenate neurotransmitters to improve brain functionality.

What Benefits Can You See With Brain Pill?

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    • Help in boosting working memory
    • Improves the ability of processing information
    • Improves focus and concentration
    • Helps you mentally preparing for exams and projects
    • Enhances the ability to make effective decisions
    • Help you increase the performance at work and school
    • Eliminates brain fog
    • Helps reducing stress
    • Improve the ability to perform better in fatigue
  • Improves the capability of learning new skills

Brain Pill Ingredients

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The ingredients of Brain Pill are all natural and herbal brain boosters and are prominently available in some of the top memory pills and brain nutrition supplements.

Citicoline – It is a water-soluble substance that is also known as CDP-Choline. It is essential that it remains in our body in excess for perfect brain nourishment.

Synapsa – It is a patent and standardized extract of Bacopa Monnieri. It helps in targeting brain cells for improved cognitive functioning and overall mental performance.

Vinpocetine – It is commonly available in various nootropic supplements for improved cognition and memory power. It is an extract of the periwinkle plant.

Huperzine A – This compound is derived from club moss and is renowned as one of the natural brain stimulants. It blocks the breakdown of acetylcholine that leads to improved memory and alertness.

Gingko Biloba – This compound is found very beneficial in expanding blood vessels that helps in improved circulation of blood glucose and oxygen into the brain.

Pantothenic Acid – It is a type of vitamin B5 that is composed of the acyl carrier protein and coenzyme A. It is commonly known as memory chemical that helps in supporting and balancing neurotransmitter acetylcholine.

Vitamin B6 – Helps in the production of neurotransmitters, a chemical responsible for supporting nerve and brain cell communication.

Vitamin B12 – It is a deemed instrument that is responsible for keeping nerves healthy and also increasing red blood cells. Along with these, it also helps in fighting brain shrinkage.

Some Other Vital Ingredients

Folic Acid – It is a vitamin B9 that is important for the brain to function correctly.

Bioperine – It is an extract from black pepper that is added in brain nutrition supplements for synergy in ingredients.

DHA Complex – It is the particular requirement for the brain cells as it stimulates the development and growth of the fetal brain.

Phosphatidylserine – It is a compound that helps in enhancing concentration, mood, attention, and short term memory.

L-Theanine – It is one of the most prominent amino acids that are mostly available in green tea. It acts as a relaxing agent to stimulate brain waves.

Tyrosine – It is an amino acid that is responsible for dopamine production to improve focus.

What Are People Saying About Brain Pill?

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Users feedback indicates merely that whether the product is worthy or not. While writing this Brain Pill review, I have gone through various testimonials from real brain pill users. Many users reported that the ingredients used are potent and prominent that other top memory pills. There are lots of positive reviews about this product, and they prominently prove that it works for enhancing brain power. One user named it as the memory pills for students as it helped his son to increase his learning ability that other supplements for focus and concentration failed to do. Another user wrote that earlier he use to frequently forget his keys, essential dates, and various memory issues. But after using Brain Pill for 3-4 months, he notices a dramatic change as now he remembers things, dates, names, and events.

If you are living in the United States or if you are a fan of IQ game show Jeopardy, then you must be knowing Ken Jennings. He is 74 times champion of this popular game show. He has the record of winning most games in the row and longest running streak, 74 games. Why I am telling you all this is because it is a fact that Ken has endorsed Brain Pill and reported that he used various nootropic supplements in the past, but they didn’t help him. Then he tried Brain Pill, and it changed his memory power dramatically.

What Are The Side Effects Of Brain Pill?

There are no complaints of side effects to this supplement. Now you might be thinking that I am praising this product but frankly saying, I have researched a lot about this product and seriously not found any side effects. This could be because the supplement is a formulation of all natural ingredients and all the ingredients have the approval of the Food and Drugs Administration of the United States. But for safer side, if you are allergic to any ingredient in this list or if you are suffering from any health condition then it is better to consult with your doctor before using Brain Pill.

What Makes Brain Pill Different From Brain Nutrition Supplements?

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This is the most common question that arises in mind when the company claims Brain Pill as the best brain supplement. But some facts seriously prove that it is best among all nootropic supplements.

    • The ingredients are of high quality
    • Include some primary brain enhancement ingredients that lack from other supplements’ ingredient list
    • Expertly dosed and assembled at cGMP
    • Specially formulated to increase the functioning of working memory
  • Equally effective for kids to improve their learning ability

Brain Pill Pros

    • It has a very diverse formula
    • Almost all the ingredients are essential for brain enhancement
    • The combination of ingredients is synergistic
    • Prominently endorsed by various health experts
    • Has been ranked among top 10 brain pills
    • The official website shows clear proof of effectiveness
  • The potency of the supplement is high

Brain Pill Cons

    • It will get quite costly if you are not buying it in bulk, but probably it’s a better idea.
  • Though ingredient list is very long but still I can find couple of ingredients missing

Common FAQs

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Q – Will Brain Pill improve my memory and brain function?

A – Probably, as claimed by the manufacturer and reported several Brain Pill review and testimonials, the supplement seems to work prominently on improving brain functionality and memory enhancement.

Q – Is Brain Pill effective for all age group?

A – Yes, the manufacturer notifies that this supplement works equally for people of all age group. According to medical science, the human brain starts to change after the age of 20 and the noticeable effects of memory loss can be seen in the age of 40s.

Q – Is the supplement medically acclaimed?

A – Yes, this memory pill has an acclamation of various medical professionals and health professionals. One of them, Dr. Dave David, MD on MSNBC and CNN has recommended this supplement for memory enhancement and a sharper brain.

Q – Is Brain Pill safe to use?

A – Being formulated with all natural ingredients and also the elements have the approval of the FDA, it is 100% safe for consumption.

Q – Does it work for ADHD and Alzheimer’s disease?

A – Though some ingredients used in the formulation are medically proven to work prominently on diseases like ADHD and Alzheimer’s, but this is to make clear that the manufacturer claims that Brian Pill is not designed to treat any medical condition. So, don’t rely on it if you are suffering from any medical conditions.

Q – Does it help to enhance mind IQ?

A – People think that memory pills can help them in improving their IQ level and most brain nutrition supplements claim similarly but please be clear that no such pill can improve your IQ. Nootropic supplements are meant to enhance your brain functionality.

Q – How fast can I get results?

A – Although the initial results and symptoms masking is noticeable in the first week of use, but the prominent results are visible within two to three months of use.

Q – Do I get any money back guarantee?

A – Yes, the manufacturer offers 60 days money back guarantee on every purchase, and therefore if you are not satisfied with the results, you can claim your money back.

Where To Buy Brain Pill?

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The best way to buy any product is to get it from the official website, and if you are willing to buy Brain Pill, then it will be good for you to buy it from the official website. This way you not you get assured that you are buying a genuine product and avoiding scams, but also you get great saving deals. The price for the one month pack is quite costly, but as you upgrade your package, you get great saving deals.

    • 1 Month Supply = $76.99
    • 3 Month Supply = $205.99 (You save $25)
    • 6 Month Supply = $384.99 (You save $77)
  • 1 Year Supply = $489.99 (You save $434)

My Final Verdict On Brain Pill Review

I have done deep research before writing this Brain Pill review, and therefore while exploring, I found some great facts. Looking on all the facts, I can clearly say that Brain Pill is the best nootropic supplements and this is because the supplement has proven itself on every mark. The reason why it made its place in the top 10 brain pills is because of its effective formulation of ingredients and prominent results.


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