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Mood Boosting Cognitive Enhancers

The Top 6 Mood Boosting Cognitive Enhancers 2024

Here we will be discussing the top 6 mood boosting cognitive enhancers.

During the pandemic, we have seen that lots of people have suffered from depression and anxiety problems. Life has become stressful during the pandemic and also because of the hectic schedule.

But only keeping the nagging side isn’t the solution!

We have to find a solution to our mood swings; therefore, it is better to change our diets and include some essential elements like antioxidants, vitamins, and foods rich in folate.

Because it was found that these ingredients help the brain produce the right amount of serotonin and dopamine.

What are nootropics and smart drugs?

Mood Boosting Cognitive Enhancers

Nootropic terms refer to pills containing a specific chemical that are used to treat certain diseases, as well as drugs that can have a positive impact on the brain.

They are found in various types, like racetams, stimulants, L-theanine, CDP-choline, etc.,

Nootropics, or smart drugs, can be consumed or taken in three ways:

  • Dietary supplement
  • Prescription-based drugs
  • Synthetic pills.

These drugs come in various forms and have been made or prepared in laboratories according to the working pattern of human cognition circuits, although understanding human cognition is very complicated.

Here are the top six nootropic drugs that can be used as mood-boosting cognitive enhancers.



It is a racetam drug and anxiolytic developed by Dr. Corneliu Giurgea. Anxiolytic is the type of drug that is known as anxiety-relieving medicine.

Its effects have directly shown some garbaergic effects that help to relive nervousness and improve the liability of cognition repair. It is added to brain-boost products such as Cholingeric and Ampakine.

These two come from the nootropic class. Nootropics are known as smart drugs that help to increase brain performance and also counteract the disease of Alzheimer’s.

The human brain is seen to deteriorate as the aging process increases, and therefore our memory retention and focus levels are disturbed at a very high level. Stress and memory confusion have caused many older people to suffer from higher rates of diseases.



Better known as N-Phenylacetyl-L-Prolylglycine ethyl ester, it comes again from the nootropic class and has helped with acetylcholine signals, which is an organic chemical present in our brain.

It acts as a neurotransmitter in humans and animals, made from the combined ester of choline and acetic acid.

These drugs help remove the toxicity of glutamate, which directly affects brain functioning.

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A man-made chemical that is fat-soluble and helps to enhance the thiamine levels in the brain. The athletic performance of the brain and improved memory levels

The use of Sulbutamine is very useful for people suffering from diabetic neuropathy, which is a type of disease where nerve pain is increased with diabetes. It has also shown good signs of curing multiple sclerosis.

It is an autoimmune disease where the insulation around nerves is affected.

It can be taken as an oral pill of 600 mg for up to two months to cure many small things like nausea and anxiety.


It is an organic compound that is a stimulant in human beings and is a part of the central nervous system.

The main source of production of phenthylamine is through an enzymatic reaction called decarboxylation, where an enzyme called aromatic L-amino acid decarboxylase synthesizes the amino acid L-phenylalanine.

This place plays a very important role in reducing depression and other brain-deteriorating conditions. Better known for its use as an anti-depressant, it has been reported to increase focus and attention while reducing the toxicity of the brain.


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What is L-theanine?

It is an amino acid that is sourced from green and black tea and can be consumed in the form of oral pills. The major effects of having L-theanine are relief from stress, anxiety, insomnia, etc.,

L-theanine, along with increasing focus and retention in the brain, has shown anti-inflammatory properties and decreased some respiratory infections.

L-theanine works better at controlling blood pressure rates and has improved sleeping conditions in people. People with hyperactivity disorders can also be neutralized by using L-theanine.


The use of citicoline as a nerve-protecting element has been seen in pharmaceuticals for a long time,

Citicoline is a naturally occurring brain chemical that was previously used as a prescription-only medication to treat memory retention and mental fatigue.

Use of Citicoline

The use of Citicoline has improved the recovery from stroke-related disease and bipolar disorder and enhanced the signaling function of the brain.

The eye disorders have been cured by taking a drop of citicoline.

A state of mental confusion found in some people has been treated well with citicoline, and skull bleeding known as intracranial hemorrhage has been found to be treated well with citicoline.

Nootropic drugs and smart drugs have been the latest choices for people to reduce and recover from memory loss.

Also, the use of nootropic drugs has shown that they can significantly increase brain performance, and a low to moderate level of consumption can decrease your reaction time and increase your level of alertness.


We have tried to enlist the top 6 mood-boosting cognitive enhancers; however, these drugs are effective and have also been supervised in a number of trials and experiments.

There is still lots of research going on on the use of these drugs, but many neurologists have suggested that the use of nootropic drugs as the basic mood enhancer can reduce the level of drowsiness and mental fatigue.

Taking nootropic drugs comes under various classifications depending on the type of drug.

Some of the drugs are man-made, while others are naturally occurring and have been synthesized by scientists and pharmaceuticals according to research and development suggestions and case studies.

Therefore, they can be used as an alternative to brain cognitive function boosters to ease tension and stress levels, but again, it is advised to visit a doctor or neurologist for better consultation.

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