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Brain Health Exercises: In a survey, it was found that 20 billion people are suffering from cognitive impairment alone in the U.S. However, approximately 40% of people are affected by age-related cognitive decline. Many people are aware of the fact that exercise keeps our bodies fit, but exercise is equally important for the health of our brains as well.

A couple of studies suggest that brain exercises support brain health and prevent cognitive impairment. These exercises will increase your intelligence, enhance your concentration, and sharpen your mind. Nowadays, brain-boosting training is a favored method for maintaining brain health.

Certain types of activities are proven to be beneficial for a healthy brain. In this article, you will learn how brain exercises impact your brain health and which types of exercises you should include to get maximum advantages. Let’s get started.

Brain Health Exercises – An Overview

brain health exercise

Brain Health Exercises: When it comes to planning a brain exercise regimen, the majority of neurologists believe that aerobic and resistance training help you achieve excellent brainpower. Whether you combine or do them separately, these exercises will increase your cognitive performance.

In another study, it was mentioned that both aerobic and resistance training are important if you want to boost your brain. They are the most effective exercises. Aerobic exercises are well-known for improving cognitive activities, and resistance training is great for memory and brain executive functions. Overall, doing a combination of both exercises is better than doing one at a time.

Furthermore, it will also promote better balance, increase flexibility and agility, improve coordination, and have more benefits. A plan that includes resistance and aerobic exercises works well. You will see noticeable results in brain health and functioning. But keep in mind that you won’t see results for at least six months because natural methods take time but have long-term benefits.

How Can Exercise Improve Brain Health?

Most people think that exercise is something that is only meant to strengthen bones, muscles, endurance, and stamina. However, neuroscientists believe that daily exercise may reduce age-related cognitive issues and have a positive impact on your brain.

Studies conclude that doing certain exercises daily helps your brain in many ways. There is a lot of evidence on the internet that shows how important exercise is for keeping your brain healthy.

Physical activities not only protect the brain from damage but also form new neuron cells. Brain training or brain exercises promote a neurogenesis process that creates new neurons.

Moreover, physical activities also lead to the production of neurophins. It is a type of protein that promotes new growth cells and management function. It acts as a growth factor for both the central and peripheral nervous systems. Neurophins regulate brain cells and maintain the health of the brain. It is one of the essential chemicals for brain development and maintaining cell growth.

Exercise is very essential to improving brain power. It can help to generate new neurons, protect cells, enhance brain structure and improve overall cognitive functions. All those people who want to increase their brain potential will find it helpful and exciting.

According to a scientist, as we age, our brains suppress and the chances of brain decline increase. neurons are important for maintaining brain health, and due to increasing age, our cells start to decrease automatically. The reduction of the cells leads to cognitive decline over time.

Don’t worry, because exercise and brain-boosting activities help to produce neurophins that aid the production of new neurons and support overall brain health. It also improves the signal capacity of the user. However, neurophins are only one factor among various other factors, and the severity of the cognitive decline depends on multiple factors. A healthy diet, a healthy lifestyle, and regular exercise can also keep your brain healthy and young.

Simple Activities To Boost The Brain

Simple Activities To Boost The Brain

In addition to regular exercise and a healthy diet, you can keep your brain healthy by training your mind for sharp memory, concentration, focus, and other brain functions. Research shows that online brain games, or simply computer games, add benefits to the brain.

On the other hand, for older people, reading the newspaper can be a good start. Sticking to the brain training activities will strengthen your brain. Finding new things, new routes, arts & drawing, memorizing lyrics, and playing challenging games are good options.

Most recommended brain exercises for seniors and teenagers

  • Learning a new language: when we listen to or hear new things or words, it stimulates our brain. It also increases vocabulary and decreases cognitive decline.
  • Identify the taste: Try to identify the spices, herbs, or ingredients used in your meal whenever you eat.
  • Use a non-dominating hand: Writing with your non-dominating hand also increases mental strength.
  • Try a new sport: Playing a new sport requires body and brain coordination that is good for the brain.
  • Draw a map: When you visit a new place, try to draw a map.
  • Meditation: It is the best brain exercise for all age groups.
  • Take cooking classes—cooking can improve your smelling, touching, signing, and tasting ability. Moreover, when you create a new cuisine or recipe, you will also have to measure and do several things that promote your brain functions.
  • Do mathematics in your mind—try to add, subtract, multiply, or divide in your mind without the help of a pen or pencil or any device.
  • Recall things– recalling the things you have done, or that you will do in the future, increases your memory. Recalling the grocery items or things you have after one hour helps to stimulate your brain.


Brain Health Exercises: Experts recommend that if you want to see changes in cognitive activities, you should do as little as 10 minutes of brain exercises daily for a minimum of six months. Doing 10 minutes of exercise per day will offer you positive changes. It improves your brain in the long term.

Furthermore, consistency is the key. Consistency is very important, whether you are doing aerobics, resistance training, or brain training activities. Cognitive improvement has been seen in people when they consistently exercise. While the changes have been observed, it doesn’t mean that they will improve brain activity instantly.

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