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Mind Lab Pro Review – Is It Really The Cleanest – Universal Nootropic?

Do you know that on average, a normal human being only uses 10% of his brain all over his life? Hi guys! Welcome to my Mind Lab Pro review,  I am sure that you might be thinking that the above statement is a joke.

But let me tell you that even Albert Einstein used only 15% of his brainpower and that made him a great scientist. So, the fact is that even utilizing 10% of the brain can help you live with good memory power and cognitive performance.

But stats say that two-third of the world population is failing to utilize and optimize even that 10% of the brain function. The reason may vary, but this surely makes a scary stat.

Our brain is the most complex object in this universe. Utilizing it to the maximum is not an easy task in the present time where our poor lifestyle is affecting our brain. Most of us cannot change our lifestyle, hence it is essential to feed our brain with the essential and required nutrition to live a rewarding life.

Though it can be made possible to a great extent by taking a healthy diet, again it is not easy. Hence, to bridge this nutritional gap and lifestyle deficiencies there are numerous natural memory pills available in the market, and one of the most acclaimed ones is Mind Lab Pro by brand Opti-Nutra.

Its highly known due to its proven efficacy and results and also more due to the amazing fact that its formulated with 11 most powerful ingredients to improve and enhanced mental performance.

This Mind Lab Pro review of mine tries to find, unearth, and present complete information about this supplement including it’s ingredients, effectiveness, results, side effects, FAQs, and much more.

Mind Lab Pro Review – An Overview

Mind Lab Pro Reviewed
A Review Of Mind Lab Pro


Mind Lab Pro is a top nootropic supplement manufactured by Opti Nutra. The main reason behind its popularity is the excellent results and the proven formulation. The brain dietary supplements is a combination of 11 nootropics formula that works in 6 bioactivities-pathways.

It helps to achieve enhanced mental performance by feeding the complex needs of the brain. Where other popular nootropics use synthetic ingredients, Mind Lab Pro pills bottle by Opti-Nutra is a complete formulation of natural and herbal ingredients which makes it totally unique.

How Does Mind Lab Pro Work?

As I mentioned above, the dietary supplement is the formulation of 11 active nootropics formula that helps in promoting brain health and elevates your cognitive functions for hours. Mind Land Pro by Opti-Nutra is recommended for those who are suffering from low cognition radicals or experiencing the risk of bioactivities brain disease. The manufacturer does not recommend it for kids below the age of 12 as it is the stage of brain development and it can damage their natural brain production.

Mind Lab Pro Ingredients

Mind Lab Pro Ingredients
Ingredients On Mind Lab Pro Label


The list of Mind Lab Pro ingredients for top rated brain supplement by Opti-Nutra features 11 most prominent ingredients that are proven to help in improving mental performance and overall brain health. The 11 ingredients include,

N-Acetyl L-Tyrosine – N-Acetyl L-Thyrosine is a premium ingredient that enhances the neural mental performance where the task & learning progress from easier to harder.

Bacopa Monnieri – Bacopa Monnieri is the most common ingredient found in most nootropic supplements. Bacopa Monnieri helps in start accelerating neurons’ mental processing and enhance optimizing cognition and promoting relaxation by regulating blood flow in brain regeneration cells.

Phosphatidylserine – It enhances the cognition performance where the brainpower declines with age.

L-Theanine – This ingredient helps in increasing the alpha brainwave activity for better creativity.

Cognizin Citicoline – Cognizin ingredient is clinically proved to increase the formation of long-term brain cells by 26% and increases brain energy by 13.6%. Cognizin is commonly used in most real life limitless pills.

Pterostilbene – This ingredient has antioxidant properties that provide healthy cognitive functions while the aging process.

Vinpocetine – It is the fastest working ingredient of any memory improvement medication as it shows potential results on short term memory attention within two days.

Rhodiola Rosea – It has premium health benefits for mental energy and learning skill that is proven in clinical research. It also reduces mental fog.

Lion s Mane Mushroom – Lion s Mane Mushroom is an ingredient that acts as an aid to the decline in cognitive performance post-supplementation.

Vitamin B12 – This vitamin for brain health is commonly found in maritime pine bark extract restores the optimal brain energy and function, mental energy, and better mood.

Vitamin B6 – It is the vital nutrient for brain cells’ health as it increases mental performance, enhancement in information storage ability of the brain, and maintains mood balance.

Benefits Of Mind Lab Pro On Different Group Of People

Mind Lab Pro - Universal Memory Pill
Is Mind Lab Pro Rally a Universal Nootropic? Find Out


For Students – If you are a student then taking MLP can help you experience improved learning skills, attention, concentration, focus, storage, and recall, overall enhancing your academic performance.

For Athletes – Using Mind Lab Pro by athletes can help them in their motivation, intensity, and willpower, overall optimizing their performance.

For Competitors – Mind Lab Pro by Opti-Nutra helps in supporting sharp strategic thinking, clear memory growth, and a calm mindset, for victory on your competitors.

For Professionals – It helps in promoting focus concentration, creativity, and stress releaser for boosting productivity and work performance within a week.

For Senior +55 – Mind Lab Pro helps in maintaining memory power, better mood, and clarity for hours by restricting the decline in memory with the aging process.

Universal Nootropic
Mind Lab Pro-One Nootropic To Benefit All


Qualities Of “Cleanest Nootropic” – Claimed By The Manufacturer OptiNutra

  • Premium formulation features of 11 powerful nootropics formula compound that are backed by clinical research
  • The formulation is advanced and patented
  • It includes premium BioGenesis nature-identical vitamins
  • The potency is high, and the dosage is clinically recommended
  • The formulation doesn’t include any proprietary blend
  • Mind Lab Pro by Brand Opti-Nutra is 100% safe, legal, clean and effective
  • It is validated and tested by the third party
  • It is a premium plant-based formula that can be used by vegans
  • All the ingredients used are useful, and no useless component is added to increase the list
  • It boosts the functions of neurotransmitters
MindLab Pro -Clean Nootropic
Mind Lab Pro- Made Of Most Natural Ingredients

Mind Lab Pro Side Effects

Mind Lab Pro Side Effects
What Are The Side Effects Of Mind Lab Pro


A side effect is a factor that is associated with every supplement available. When it comes to nootropics, the common noticeable side effect is that promotes anxiety.

This is due to most supplements to improve memory use caffeine in their formulation that provides relaxation and prevents mood swing. Mind Lab Pro doesn’t include caffeine in the formulation, and therefore it makes it side effect free.

But on a general note, this nootropic supplement includes 11 ingredients that work differently. It is evident that some of us might feel uncomfortable with any of these ingredients. Therefore, before buying, it is essential that you should check out whether any component is not possessed with you.

Mind Lab Pro Reviews By Real Users

Mind Lab Pro Reviews

Readout more reviews by real customers over here >>

To provide an honest and premium analysis of Mind Lab Pro, it was essential for us to check out for the feedbacks of the actual users. I trawled throughout the internet to find out whether it has received good positive feedbacks, or it is just a marketing hype created by the manufacturer.

In my research, I found that lots of people have left positive reviews for the product. The reviews showed that the use of Mind Lab Pro has benefited people. Though there were few issues related to customer service where a couple of people reported that they hadn’t received a solution for their queries.

I also found a couple of people who reported that it has not worked for them. But it was not surprising for me because every supplement receives a few such negative feedbacks and it doesn’t mean that the supplement is not working. Although, if there are a majority of negative reviews, then you should avoid it. Fortunately, Mind Lab Pro passes this test clearly.

Dosage Of The Universal Nootropic Formula

According to the recommendation by the manufacturer, you are advised to take two capsules daily, either in the morning or in the night. Although, if you need an extra boost or fast results, you can exceed the daily dose to four capsules.

But it is a strict recommendation that you should not exceed the daily dosages of more than four capsules, as it might lead you to major side effects.

Taking a daily dose of two capsules will provide noticeable results within two weeks. You need to follow the recommended supplementation for at least one month to achieve the best results.

Mind Lab Pro VS Optimind VS Qualia VS Alpha Brain -Which Is Best?

Mind Lab Pro Reviews
Best Amongst Equals? Mind Lab Pro VS Optimind Vs Qalia Vs Alpha Brain


Mind Lab Pro VS Optimind

Both the nootropic stack supplements are very much renowned and active. Optimind includes caffeine in its ingredient list that can provide you mild energy kick. Mind Lab Pro doesn’t add caffeine in its inventory.

Although, caffeine is not an essential ingredient and therefore it can be avoided. Where Mind Lab Pro has the upper hand is its formulation of 11 best nootropics formula.

Mind Lab Pro VS Qualia

Comparing Mind Lab Pro with Qualia is just like comparing Mercedes with BMW. Both the supplements are amazing, and both have different qualities. But what degrades Qualia is the complex levels and long list of ingredients like phospholipid.

It is very confusing to identify which component might not be possessed to you and therefore it is evident that you are left with an unwanted side effect.

Mind Lab Pro VS Alpha Brain

There are three-factor levels of comparison between these two supplements – cost, ingredients, and effectiveness. Alpha Brain is quite cheaper than Mind Lab Pro. The components used in Mind Lab Pro are more prominent and potent than Alpha Brain.

Therefore, it is evident that the supplement having more prominent ingredients will undoubtedly be more effective. For more comparison, check out our page on Mind Lab Pro vs Top 15 Alternatives & competitors.

Pros & Cons

Mind Lab Pro - Pros And Cons
Mind Lab Pro Has Its Benefits & Some Cons Too.


Pros –

  • It does not contain any stimulants or proprietary blend
  • The ingredients used are all-natural and herbal that is backed by clinical research
  • It does not possess any side effects
  • Vegetarians can consume the supplement
  • It is 100% caffeine-free supplement

Cons –

  • The only drawback that I noticed is the cost; it is relatively expensive. The Adage ” You Get What You Pay For” Does come to the mind though!!


Q - Is it safe to use Mind Lab Pro?
As I found that the ingredients used are all-natural, therefore it is evident that the supplement is safe to use.
Q - Is Mind Lab Pro chemical-free options?
If you are concerned about environmental pollutants and animal products then it is good news for you. The ingredients used in this supplement are free from pesticides, GMOs, common allergens and herbicides.Totally Clean
Q - Is Mind Lab Pro pills bottle vegan-friendly?
Yes, the supplement is 100% vegan as it does not include any animal products.
Q - Can Mind Lab Pro interact with any other medication?
Well, it is not possible for me to answer this question and therefore you should consult with your doctor before using it if you are using any other medication.
Q - Is Mind Lab Pro available for sale on Amazon and eBay?
The supplement is not available officially on online stores like Amazon and eBay. However, some people/traders may be offering it there but this does not guarantee the quality and price along with the authenticity of the product.
Q - Is it a scam?
I don’t think so. There are lots of positive reviews on the internet by the actual users which proves that Mind Lab Pro works as promised. It is delivered as promised and has the overall quality and other attributes as advertised. So No, there seems no evidence of a scam.
Q - Are there any Mind Lab Pro reviews to support on Reddit?
Yes, you can find a few of the reviews on the product on Reddit. Some users have chosen Reddit as a platform to rate this product.
Q - Does Mind Lab Pro work for treating ADHD condition?
To be very frank, Mind Lab Pro is not a medication to treat ADHD condition. Rather the ingredients used in the formulation can helps in reducing the sypmtoms of the ADHD.
Q - What about the return and refund policy?
The return and refund policy of the company is quite confusing which is the only factor of negative reviews. The company charges for initial free shipping if you are returning the product. If you are not satisfied with the product, you can return it within seven days from delivery.
Q - Does Mind Lab Pro work for treating ADHD condition?
To be very frank, Mind Lab Pro is not a medication to treat ADHD condition. Rather the ingredients used in the formulation can helps in reducing the sypmtoms of the ADHD.
Q - Is there a promo code to buy Mind Lab Pro at discounted price?
No, the company doesn’t offer any promo code or discount code but they offer various super saver packs.
Q - Is Mind Lab Pro available for sale in other countries like India, UK, Australia, Canada, Singapore, etc.?
Yes, the company ships the product all over the world and you can order it from any part of the world through the official website.
Q - Does the company offers any discount code for ordering Mind Lab Pro?
Currently, the company is not offering any discount code and therefore if you come across with any such offer on any website, beware as it might be a scam.
Q - Does Mind Lab Pro offer any free trial samples?
No, the company doesn’t offer any free trial packages, and therefore, if you want to use it, you will have pay for it.


What Is The Price Of Mind Lab Pro?

As I mentioned above, the only drawback of this product is its high cost. It is quite expensive, but if you buy its super saver package of 3 months, you can save enough. You can contact customers’ support for any queries.

  • 3-Month Supply Bottle (3 Boxes) + 1 Box Free! – $195.00 + FREE worldwide shipping
  • 2-Month Supply Bottle (2 Boxes) – $130.00 + worldwide shipping & handling charges
  • 1-Month Supply Bottle (1 Box) – $65.00 + worldwide shipping & handling charges

Where To Buy Mind Lab Pro?

Mind Lab Pro Universal Nootropic
Mind Lab Pro


The supplement is not available for sale on any other online platform and therefore the only place to buy Mind Lab Pro is the official website. Some websites and marketers either promote Mind Lab Pro on a huge discounted price or sell fake products with a similar name.

Don’t buy them as it might a scam and you can waste your money. If you are willing to buy it, you can visit the official website the link below.


My Final Verdict on Mind Lab Pro Review

Before reviewing Mind Lab Pro, I have also heard a lot about it, and that why I decided to analyze it. I am very much pleased with this product, and there is no doubt that the popularity of Mind Lab Pro is not marketing hype.

I have gone through lots of nootropic supplements formula, but I pick only those supplements that are either very much renowned or very criticized so that I could bring out the reality. In my Mind Lab Pro review, I found that this is a fantastic brain supplement that has a premium ingredient list, scientifically proven and effective.

If you ask my recommendation, I would surely say that you must try Mind Lab Pro at least once. Although, it is quite expensive, the best is never free and to get prominent results, you will have to expend more. By this, I will end my analysis. I hope you loved it. I will meet you with a breakdown of any other nootropic supplement.


Mind Lab Pro
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