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Types Of Nootropics & Best Place To Buy It

Nootropics, also known as smart drugs or cognition enhancers, are often natural, but sometimes chemical substances that can boost different areas of your brain, so that you function better at work, study or in your free time. The brain contains many different areas and systems, each with its own way of functioning.

That is why there are several kinds of nootropics. For example, to stay alert and vigilant, to stay focused, to stay relaxed and to boost your memory. By taking a specific type of nootropic, you can achieve what you desire. This is a simplification of reality to make the concept clear. Here in this article, I have all the types along with the best place to buy nootropics.

Different kinds of nootropics

Nootropics come in different shapes, potency, formulation and area of work. Here is a brief overview of the most commonly used nootropics.

Stimulating Nootropics

The stimulating nootropics work on the brain networks that are involved in alertness, concentration and energy. This type of nootropic can also provide support for people who are tired quickly. Some substances of this type of nootropics act on our dopamine system in the brain, often by slowing down or stopping degradation. Most popular stimulating nootropic in the market is Lumonol.

Serotogeneic Nootropics

The serotonergic nootropic helps with the system involved in mood regulation. Here too, there is a certain substance that inhibits the degradation of these areas. Most popular erotogenic nootropic in the market is Mind Lab Pro.

Adaptogenic Nootropics

Adaptogens are substances that protect the body against stress and provide improved adaptability. They often have a stabilizing effect on the brain cells and help to reduce spikes in stress. Responsiveness and focus can receive support for these substances. One of the best adaptogenic nootropic available is Onnit Alpha Brain.

GABAge Nootropics

This is the category that works on the GABA system of the brain that causes specific brain activity to be inhibited. This can give a feeling of relaxation that makes the mind clearer. NooCube is one of the most popular option for this type of nootropics.

Circulation stimulating Nootropics

The circulation stimulating nootropics have a positive effect on blood circulation to the brain. It also has beneficial effects on memory enhancement. Brain Pill is recognized as the best circulation stimulating nootropics.

Which Is The Best Place To Buy These Nootropics?

Well, as I mentioned earlier in this post, there are prescribed nootropics and herbal nootropics. Prescribed nootropics can be found easily in your nearby drug stores with a doctor’s prescription. Whereas, herbal nootropics are mostly available online.

Talking about herbal nootropics, you can only find them on their official website. While a couple of them are also available on other online stores. But, to be on the safer side, it is better to buy them from the official website as it guarantees that you are shipped the original product.


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