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10 Signs Of Dementia To Be Noticed

Dementia slowly eats away the brain, and at the moment no treatment can cure the condition. But some resources delay development. That is why you can best trace the disease as early as possible.

The concept of dementia is a collective name for multiple diseases that affect the brain. The most common is Alzheimer’s, where lumps of the beta-amyloid protein accumulate in the brain, and the brain cells eventually die off.

Only a doctor can make the diagnosis, but you can keep an eye on specific instructions. The American Alzheimer association has appointed ten to indicate that a dementia disease is eating away the brain cells.

Signs of dementia #1 – Forgotten elements

… more than others. For example, it is not normal to forget where you are en route or who you have just spoken.

Dementia symptoms #2 – They have trouble with familiar tasks

Most people sometimes forget a phone number, but sometimes people forget how you use a phone.

Dementia stage #3 – Words disappear

It is normal not to be able to get out of your words from time to time, but elements sometimes replace ordinary words with totally different ones, which makes them incomprehensible.

Early signs of dementia #4 – They get lost

Patients with dementia disease sometimes get lost in an environment that they know as their pocket or forget where they are and how they got there.

Activities of dementia patients #5 – They make remarkable decisions

Sometimes the assessment capacity of elements leaves something to be desired. That way they can decide that it’s a good idea to wear summer clothes when it’s snowing outside.

Signs of dementia #6 – They can not think abstractly

Ordinary expressions can sometimes become incomprehensible to elements, and they often misunderstand imagery.

Dementia stages #7 – Things disappear

We have all lost our keys, but sometimes people sometimes put things in weird places, for example, their wallets in the fridge.

Dementia symptoms #8 – Mood swings

When they come into an unfamiliar situation, they often become afraid, suspicious or confused.

Signs of dementia #9 – Changed personality

Dementes sometimes seem numb, and everything looks out of their mind, even though it is hurtful to others.

Last stages of dementia #10 – Initiative disappears

They retreat to themselves and leave hobbies and social activities.

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